MJ Arsenal Salem Mini Rig

MJ Arsenal

 MJ Arsenal Salem Mini Rig
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-          10mm Female Joint Connection

-          Spill-Resistant and Crystal Ball Design

-          Halloween Themed, 100% Handcrafted Borosilicate Glass

-          Witch Hat Mouthpiece

-          UV Reactive Green Cat Eyes

-          Functional Blunt-o-Lantern Style Pumpkin Percolator

-          Limited Edition Drop

Enjoy smooth and flavorful smoke with the MJ Arsenal Salem Mini Rig. This limited edition mini dab rig delivers cool down draws due to its fully functioning blunt-o-lantern style percolator. Also, on top of the percolator is a cool design of a watchful black cat with the UV reactive green eyes to make sure that you enjoy a safe dabbing session. The Salem Mini Rig is handcrafted from the durable and thermal resistant borosilicate glass that can withstand everyday drops without breaking apart.

The Salem Mini Dab rig is designed with a sturdy base that makes sure there are no spills and splashback. So, you will enjoy your dabbing sessions without worries of spilling the materials on your clothes or carpet. It also features 10mm quartz banger that is carefully designed to burn your favorite liquid or solid materials to give the best full, smooth and flavorful draws that you could ever wish for.


The Salem Mini Rig can be easily and safely cleaned by using a swab of cotton soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Ensure that you have thoroughly rinsed your rig before use.

Buying the MJ Arsenal Salem Mini Rig

Introducing the Salem Mini Dab Rig from the MJ Arsenal. It features a lot more than what meets the eye, the black cat perching, witch hat mouthpiece and smoked filled pumpkin patch design is only available in limited quantities. So, waste no time to purchase; this stunningly bewitched creation will vanish as quickly as it appeared.


-          1 x MJ Arsenal Salem Mini Rig

-          1 x Quartz Banger

Technical Specifications

-          Height: 5.5 Inches

-          Compatibility: Concentrates