MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig

MJ Arsenal




-          Compatible with Wax Concentrates

-          Miniature Size

-          Base-connected Perc

-          High-grade Borosilicate Glass

-          Ground Glass Connection

-          Flared Mouthpiece

-          Study Base

The MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig features a base-connected percolator that sends smoke to the bottom of the chamber, and forces bubbles to rise through cleansing water to create smooth and flavorful hits. Every hit that is produced is purified and amplified for maximum comfort. This dab rig is both compact and portable, truly putting extreme power into the palm of one's hand.

High-Grade Borosilicate Glass

The Jammer is crafted from 100% medical grade borosilicate glass, which is crystal clear, easy to clean and solidly designed. This extra thick glass is extremely heat resistant, sturdy and ergonomic. It was masterfully crafted for on the go rips.

Low Temperature Quartz Banger

MJ Arsenal Jammer Dab Rig boasts a 100% quartz crystal banger which delivers big and smooth rips. Its extra-thick, heat resistant quartz vaporizes wax concentrates at low temperatures, thereby increasing dab flavor while reducing the harshness.

Base-Connected Percolator

The Jammer comes with a base-connected perc that sends smoke down to the bottom of the chamber which then forces bubbles to rise up through the cool waters. This delivers smooth and cool hits that are optimized for maximum comfort.

Buying the MJ Arsenal Jammer Rig

The Jammer by MJ Arsenal is the dream dab rig for new dabbers and experienced dabbers alike! This unit is ideal for users who are looking for an extremely functional yet tiny rig. Also, when it comes to dabbing on the go, this rig is a smart choice. Standing at only 4 inches tall, the Jammer can easily be packed away in one's bag. Its robust function means that users can enjoy their favorite concentrates without experiencing any harsh taste.


-          1 x MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig

-          1 x Quartz Banger

Technical Specifications

-          4 Inches Tall

-          7mm Female Joint