MJ Arsenal Dregg Rollie Bubbler

MJ Arsenal

 MJ Arsenal Dregg Rollie Bubbler
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-          Limited Edition

-          Custom-made Quartz Banger Attachment

-          Compact and Capable Design

-          Pure High-Grade Borosilicate Glass

-          Delivers Smooth and Full Bodied Hits

-          Triple Hole Percolator

-          Glass Bubbler Boasts a Recycler System

The Dregg Rollie Bubbler is a classic offering from the MJ Arsenal line up. The Dregg Rollie Bubbler comes with a recycler system that brings water up into the upper chamber, cycling the hot smoke through water several times, creating more contact between the smoke and the cool purifying water. The MJ Arsenal Dregg Rollie Bubbler has the ability to deliver cooler, fuller and smoother bodied hits than its predecessors. Additionally, this bubbler comes with a customized quartz banger attachment for all your smoking needs.

Ease of Use

The MJ Rollie Bubbler make smoking your favorite herbs very simple and smooth, with added water filtration and no contact with your hand, they produce less odor. Also, you will not have to worry about getting your fingers burnt trying to smoke that last bit of your herbs.

Buying the MJ Arsenal Dregg Rollie Bubbler

Enjoy mystic vaping sessions with the magical MJ Dregg Rollie Bubbler, which flows your hot draws via its triple hole percolator before its refreshingly cooled in bubbling water. The high quality, durable, and extremely heat resistant borosilicate glass gives the user some peace of mind when carrying this device along for adventures. This is because it can withstand the knocks and tumbles. It is also highly portable therefore you can easily enjoy your water-filtration with your rolled favorite herbs anywhere.

MJ Arsenal balances all of their bubblers perfectly to make sure that your herbs are burnt evenly. It has a well-designed sturdy base to keep the bubbler upright during use.


-          1 x MJ Arsenal Mini Rollie Bubbler

-          1 x Quartz Banger Attachment

Technical Specifications

-          System: Recycler Water Filtration

-          Bubbler Build: Glass

-          Design: Egg Shell

-          Compatibility: One Size Fits all

-          Height: 3.05 Inches