MJ Arsenal Dregg Mini Rig

MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal Dregg Mini Rig
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-          Durable Borosilicate Glass

-          Triple Hole Perculator

-          2mm Thick Quartz Bucket

-          Highly Portable

-          10mm Connection between Quartz Bucket and Rig

MJ Arsenal manufactures extremely unique products to enable you to enjoy your favorite herb. Based in Denver, Colorado, the MJ Arsenal Company takes pride in pushing boundaries to create innovative and highly functional devices. A well-known brand in the vaporizer market, MJ Arsenal likes to design their mini rigs smaller so that your vapor is more concentrated, thus creating thick draws and forcing a lot of vapor through water quickly to cool it down. Also, it includes a thick quartz bucket that harnesses the flavor of your concentrates. The borosilicate glass makes sure that your Dregg Mini Rig can withstand the heat without breaking.

Ease of Use

Using a lighter heat, your quartz bucket near the base. However, other users prefer to heat the bucket before loading, and either way will result in amazing hits. Once your materials are heated, cover the bucket and inhale through the mouthpiece.

Ease to Clean

Cleaning your rig is important since your favorite materials can be quite sticky and resinous and can build up within the quartz bucket. Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud can help to clean the resinous build up and make your device sparkly clean.

Buying the MJ Arsenal Dregg Mini Rig

Enjoy your dabs like never before with the MJ Arsenal Mini Rig. This amazing device has the ability to smoothen your harshest smoke and tame any hot vapor into the smoothest puff. Simply fill up your herbs and watch as your smoke is cleansed by the triple-hole percolator as the cooling waters reward you with the smoothest smoke.


-          1 x Dregg Mini Rig

-          1 x 10 mm Quartz Bucket

Technical Specifications

-          Height: 3.05 Inches

-          Base: 1.75 Inches

-          Joint: 10mm

-          Weight: 0.5625 lbs