MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe

MJ Arsenal

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-          Elegant and Compact Design

-          Keeps your Flower Dry and Fresh

-          Unique Storage Jar

-          Highly Portable

-          Heat Resistant and Durable Borosilicate Glass

-          45 Degree Joint

The Cache is the first dry herb focused piece by the MJ Arsenal, and as you can tell by its design, it is different from any traditional glass bong. The MJ Cache Water Bong design has been inspired by a hundred-year-old Southeast Asian pipe. Before its release, the MJ Arsenal had only released mini concentrate rigs and joint/blunt bubblers. With this bong, you can grind your herbs, store it, pack it and enjoy it.


The Cache Water Pipe has a removable three-hole down stem, three pinch ice catcher, and a unique storage jar which allows you to store your ground dry herbs so you can easily pack your bowls when in need. It also can hold up to 2 grams of your favorite dry herbs and is easily sealed with a cork.

Buying the MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe

The MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe is about to be your new favorite bong. Not only is it compact and portable, but this beaker bong also has several tricks up its sleeve. The Cache Water Pipe features a built-in clear and unique storage jar inside its beaker base and a cork stopper to keep your favorite herbs securely inside. This beaker is perfect for vaping outdoors and comes in handy when it is time for a refill. It also comes with a built-in ground joint and down stem.


-          1 x Cache Bong Jar

-          1 x Cork

-          1 x Flower Bowl

-          1 x Custom Cut Foam/ Reusable Box

Technical Specifications

-          Height: 7 inches

-          Color: Clear

-          Bowl Size: 14mm with Removable Down stem

-          Compatibility: Dry Herbs

-          Manufactured in: China