Mighty+ Vaporizer

Storz N Bickel




  • Improved design and casing

  • 60 seconds heat-up time

  • Precise temperature control (40-210 degrees Celsius)

  • USB-C Charging Port

  • Two built-in 3300 mAh batteries

  • Triple-click for a temperature boost (+15 degrees Celsius)

  • Can Stand Vertically

Mighty+ is a brand new device from Storz and Bickel that delivers the same great vapor quality as the original Mighty vaporizer.  However, the USB charging is way faster with this version and also has a faster heat up time. It is pretty easy to use a device; with just three buttons, you can control your device. This means that Mighty+ Vaporizer is a great device for both newbies and veterans.

Improved Design

The Mighty+ now comes with an improved design. This makes it perfect and easy to use. The filling chamber now comes with a ceramic coating, meaning that you will have a better-tasting herb. Another great addition to the design is the new fins. They have been discreetly placed at the bottom of the device, making it easy for them to stand whenever it’s not in use.


The manufacturer Storz and Bickel have incorporated a super booster mode on this device that can add up to 15 degrees. This can be done with just a triple press. Compared to its predecessor, one thing that the company has retained with this device is that it still uses both convection and conduction heating systems. The device also wins when it comes to heating time since it only takes 60 seconds.

Charging Time

The Mighty+ Vaporizer has a very fast charging time compared to the previous version. This is because it is built in a way that it uses a type C charging system. The circuit board charges 80% of the battery in just 40 minutes. The battery life is also pretty decent and will take you up to 90 minutes without requiring a recharge.

Buying Mighty+ Vaporizer

The Mighty+ brings some essential upgrades to an already great device. With the improved version, you will get to enjoy your vaping materials better. It will give you a great experience with incredible vapor quality. Therefore, it is best you purchase your unit and have your own amazing experience.

What is in the Box?

  • 1 x Mighty+ Vaporizer

  • 3 x Seal rings

  • 3 x Coarse Screens

  • 3 x Normal Screens (small)

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 1 x Cleaning Brush


Technical Specifications

  • Size- 8,0 × 3,0 × 14,0 cm

  • Heating- Hybrid (Convection and Conduction)

  • Manufacturer- Storz & Bickel

  • Weight- 230g