Marley Rise Up Water Pipe

Marley Natural

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Marley Rise Up Water Pipe
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-          Smoked Glass Water Pipe

-          Angled Collar Pullout Bowl

-          Thick Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass

-          Striking Red Lettering

-          Ice Catcher

-          Eight-Slot Percolator Down Stem

Featuring a classic beaker-style design, the Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe vaporizer offers smooth, potent and flavorful hits that will take users to higher places. The tinted, smoked glass adds character to the pipe and the unit looks exquisite with its striking red lettering. This thick hand-blown borosilicate glass pipe is also built with a powerful water-filtration system for maximum purity and features a built-in ice catcher which keeps hits smooth and creamy. Additionally, the eight-slot percolator down stem ensures that users achieve satisfaction in every session.

The Marley Rise Up Water Pipe combines fine craftsmanship with the spirit of Bob Marley to take smokers to the next level. The purchase of this premium water pipe supports RISE UP, which is a social impact initiative that addresses the injustices of dry herb prohibition. By aligning with the causes that reflect Bob Marley’s vision of social, economic and environmental justice, RISE UP assists people and communities around the world to rise up and take meaningful steps towards a brighter tomorrow.

Ease of Maintenance

The Rise Up Water Pipe can be easily cleaned by using a chronic orange cleaner. Rinse with water after each cleanse and let it dry thoroughly. You should not be able to detect any taste or smell after a thorough clean.

Buying the Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe

This water pipe is a showpiece that you will want to proudly display to all of your friends. Made from durable heat resistant borosilicate glass, this pipe is thickly bolstered in the base for enhanced balance and extra strength. Every feature of this premium water piece combines science and art to deliver a cooler and smoother smoking experience.


-          1 x Marley Natural Rise Up Water pipe

-          1 x Borosilicate Glass Bowl

-          1 x Borosilicate Glass Down Stem

Technical Specifications

-          Height: 12.5 Inches

-          Base Diameter: 5.25 Inches

-          Weight: 1.50 lbs.

-          Compatibility: Dry Herbs

-          Joint Size: 14mm Female