Marley Natural Rise Up Steamroller

Marley Natural

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-          Limited Edition Rise Up Pipe

-          Sleek Design Smoked Glass

-          High-Quality Borosilicate Glass

-          Large Volume Draws

-          Thumb-Press Bowl

-          Roll Stopper to avoid Spillage

-          Portable and Pocket-Friendly

The Marley Natural Rise Up Steamroller makes every session a true delight. High-quality, hand-blown borosilicate glass with bold red letters makes for an elegant and nicely weighted piece. This unit is gorgeous, and features a long chamber and a solid mouthpiece. The long chamber design allows for direct blasts of smooth hits, and the carb hole adds to the experience by ensuring maximum airflow. Additionally, the device touts a roll stopper which keeps the pipe still when at rest, thus preventing spillage. Users will also be enchanted with the thumb-press bowl that packs just the right amount of herb to smoke on-the-go.

Look and Feel

The Rise Up Steamroller is a well-crafted pipe. It fits perfectly in the hand without being overly cumbersome. Its modular design is quite attractive, and it tends to draw the attention of classier smokers who enjoy finer accessories. The device also features a smooth indented bowl that holds slightly more than one large hit. The bowl design is excellent since it allows users to torch the bowl and fill the chamber without decreasing the hit quality during joint sessions.

Buying the Marley Natural Rise Up Steamroller Pipe

When it comes to smoking, it's not an easy task to find a pipe that is both attractive and high-performance. Fortunately, the Marley Natural Rise Up Steamroller rises up to this challenge. With a sleek, distinctive design, this pipe is highlighted by its hand-blown heat resistant glass and rounded ergonomic mouthpiece. This handheld pipe offers powerful draws that are sure to complement and accentuate your smoking ritual. Also, since it stands at only 6 inches tall, the unit is highly portable and comfortable to use. The Rise Up Steamroller pipe will be a marvelous addition to your pipe collection.


-          1 x Marley Natural Rise Up Steamroller Pipe

Technical Specifications

-          Dimensions: 8.47” L x 3.54” W x 2.56” D

-          Compatibility: Dry Herbs

-          Weight: 0 .38 lbs.