Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon

Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon
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-          Tinted Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass

-          Limited Edition Rise Up Pipe

-          Red ‘Rise Up” Lettering

-          Spoon Design

-          Carb Hole on the left Side

-          Ergonomic Mouthpiece

-          Built-in Ash Catcher

The Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon Pipe lays gently on its wide bowl. It's an enchanting device, and it almost appears to be levitating with plenty of room for smoke to swirl and cool simultaneously. The unit's wide bowl keeps the draws coming while the air intake hole makes sure that there is perfectly balanced airflow. The Rise Up Spoon Pipe also features an ash catch at the mouthpiece which ensures that every smoking session is smooth. Manufactured from thick medical-grade borosilicate glass, this pipe is doubtlessly designed to last.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning is a piece of cake with this unit. Begin by removing the glass parts and putting them in a plastic bag containing a solution of 2 oz. of table salt and 8 oz. of 91% isopropyl alcohol. Then, shake gently but thoroughly for about 2 minutes. A quick wipe up using a nylon brush will help to clean out any remaining residue. Lastly, rinse in warm water and wipe down using paper towels.

Buying the Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon Pipe

Sophisticated smoking just took on a whole new meaning! Rise above the crowd and stand out with this skillfully-designed smoked glass spoon. The Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon pipe is a customized dream-piece that presents a seamless balance of durability and quality. The tinted, thermal-resistant borosilicate glass and a beautifully rounded stem allows for consistent draws that deliver exceptionally smooth smoking hits. Compact in size and inconspicuous-looking, the Marley Rise Up Spoon Pipe can easily be taken out and enjoyed anywhere discreetly.


-          1 x Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon Pipe

Technical Specifications

-          Length: 7.28 Inches

-          Width: 4.53 Inches

-          Diameter: 2. 95 Inches

-          Weight: 0.28lbs.

-          Vaporizer Compatibility: Dry Herbs