Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller

Marley Natural

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-          Beautiful Custom Design

-          Hand Blown Glass and Black Walnut Wood

-          Detachable Parts for Easy Cleaning and Portability

-          Large Volume Hits

We are proud to introduce the Steamroller pipe from Marley Natural! Made from hand blown glass and black walnut wood, the Marley Natural Steamroller boasts an original and beautiful build. It also includes a cotton carrying case, and the device's sleek, straight form makes it easy to use without the need for water. Additionally, the unit comes with a curved wooden base that is perfect for decorative purposes and a detachable mouthpiece which ensures easy cleaning and portability.

Build Quality

The Marley Natural Steamroller is one of a kind, and was masterfully constructed for durability. The glass and black walnut wood are smooth, easy one the eyes, and these materials do not wear easily. Therefore, users should not expect any leakage issues.

Ease of Maintenance

The beautiful custom design of this pipe makes it easier to maintain than most steamrollers in the market. It comes with detachable pieces that easily handled, which means that users can clean them separately. The glass part of the unit can be soaked in alcohol and rinsed with water to remove any residue stuck inside.

Smoke Quality

The Steamroller is a great piece to add to any smoker’s collection, especially those that choose to smoke on a daily basis. The Steamroller is designed to allow smoke to build up quickly and pile more smoke upon itself, thus leading to thick and milky, large hits.

Buying the Marley Natural Steamroller

Hand blown glass combined with a rounded black walnut mouthpiece makes the Marley Natural Steamroller a perfect daily smoking companion. Its beautiful custom design allows for large volume hits while its curved wood stand offers a proper and convenient display.


-          1 x Marley Natural Steamroller

-          1 x Cotton Drawstring Carrying Case

Technical Specifications

-          Height: 1 inch

-          Length: 6.75 inches

-          Material: Black Walnut and Glass