Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Taster

Marley Natural

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-          Detachable Parts for Portability and Easy Cleaning

-          Beautiful Custom Design

-          Hand Blown 100% Borosilicate Glass 

-          Black Walnut Wood Base

-          Carnauba Wax Finish

Marley Natural is committed to creating hand-crafted accessories. Their collection is sustainably derived from hand blown glass and black walnut wood in order to ensure premium design, easy maintenance, and durability. Each of the Marley Natural products has easily detachable parts for easy cleaning, portability, and storage. In order to clean, simply place the parts in isopropyl alcohol, then shake, and rinse. The Marley Natural Taster tends to pair very well with the Marley Natural Smallholder, an American Black Walnut Holder. To use this amazing piece, all users need is their favorite ground dry herbs. Simply pack the herb material into the top of the device and light it up.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Use isopropyl wipes to clean your Marley Natural Taster. Start by taking one of the wipes and rubbing down the tip of the taster. However, if the pipe needs a thorough cleaning, make a solution of the isopropyl alcohol and water, then unscrew the mouthpiece and allow the glass to sit in the solution for two hours. Next,dry it off with a paper towel. For the mouthpiece, dip it into the solution and then wipe it off to give it a full clean.

Buying the Marley Natural Taster

The Marley Natural Taster is a high-quality, beautiful piece that is ideal for day to day smoking and also discreet enough to accompany users everywhere. It is seamlessly crafted to deliver a smooth smoking experience, while the removable parts allow for both easy cleaning and maintenance. Elegant, reliable, and highly portable, the Marley Natural Taster is a perfect addition to one's pipe collection.


-          1 x Marley Natural Taster

Technical Specifications

-          Weight: 0.88 lbs.

-          Dimensions: 5.05 x 1.25 x 2 in.

Vaporizer Compatibility: Dry Herbs