Marley Natural Bubbler

Marley Natural




-          Hybrid Water and Dry Pipe

-          Globe Percolator

-          100% Borosilicate Glass

-          Large Water Chamber

-          Easy to Clean

-          Removable Parts

-          Black Walnut Grips

-          100% Cotton Drawstring Carrying Case Included

Dedicated to always offering top-notch products to its customers, Marley Natural has done it again with the Marley Natural Bubbler. This product has managed to bring together an intuitive form with a subtle Jamaican accent. This bubbler can be utilized as both a dry pipe and hybrid-water pipe. Its versatility offers the best of both worlds. With a globe-shape percolator and a generously apportioned base, the bubbler provides premium filtration with each draw. The device can easily be cleaned, and its unique design will allow users to display it on a shelf or tabletop comfortably. The Marley Natural Bubbler is also simple to use, and therefore, it's suitable for both veterans and newbies.

How to Use Marley Natural Bubbler

Using this bubbler is pretty effortless and straight-forward. First, fill the device with water and grind up the dry herbs and place them into the dish. Next, get a lighter or matchbox depending on what's available and light the bowl containing the dry herb. After that, users may begin taking their draws.

Cleaning Marley Natural Bubbler

Cleaning the bubbler is a pleasant experience. Start by disassembling various parts of the device and dipping them in water or isopropyl. Clean the parts gently and then dry them using a dry towel. However, be careful not to submerge the wooden parts in the liquid. The use of a nylon brush to remove any residue is recommended. Users can also apply a small amount of water or isopropyl beforehand and clean it gently without causing any damage to the wood.

Buying Marley Natural Bubbler

Marley Natural Bubbler is one device that provides exactly what it promises. The device is very durable and it will easily last couple of years before it needs to be replaced. Buy this bubbler today and bring your smoking experience to a new level.


-          1 x Marley Natural Bubbler

Technical Specifications

-          Dimensions:       7.54 x 2.18 x 6.7 in.

-          Compatibility:     Dry Herbs

-          Weight:               0.88 lbs.