Magic Flight Muad-Dib

Magic Flight




  • 5 Second Heat Time
  • Compact
  • Exotic Design
  • Handmade (USA)

Magic Flight is a manufacturer based in California that has carved out a niche within the vape market through their one of a kind wood vaporizer designs. Their Muad-Dib takes the outstanding design of their dry herb Launch Box and, with a few tweaks, makes it an excellent vape for concentrates, herbal extracts, and oils. If you’ve never seen one of Magic Flight’s creations then prepare for a refreshing take on both  vaporizer style and ethos with an outlook that centers around a positive message. The base design of the Launch Box is a handmade crafted portable wooden box that easily fits in the palm of your hand. The Muad-Dib then adds an exquisite brushed brass overlay with an optical quality lense. Any fans of steampunk or Victorian era style will really dig the features of the Muad-Dib and even dry herb users can get a ‘Monocle Edition’ Launch Box with a similar attachment. To complete its look, the phrase “Intimacy implies loyalty” is embossed on the site.

Chamber And Other Features

The Muad-Dib uses a smaller screen between two rods that’s optimized for concentrate use. It’s a delicate part and can easily be damage if you’re not careful. Thankfully, it’s not difficult or expensive to replace, either. Power is provided by the same NiMH (Nickel metal hydride) as the Launch Box but the Muad-Dib is capable of much longer usage times. Up to 50 hits can be expected on a single charge, in fact. Accessories such as the Power Adapter 2.0 and Water Whip are also compatible with the Muad-Dib. If you decide to purchase both units to get the best in both dry herb and wax vaping at least you can save some money sharing the add-ons.

Operating The Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer

Unlike most vaporizers, there’s no digital readout or even a power switch on the Muad-Dib. This helps complete the vintage feel and also makes it much more simple to use. To turn it on just insert the battery and wait a few seconds for it to heat up. Use the included spoon and side marking to measure out a small dab of concentrate. This is a single use device so just enough for one hit is optimum. Slide out the lense and place the material on the screen. Swivel the lense back in place and insert the battery. After allowing it to heat up for 3-5 seconds it’s ready to go as shown by an orange indicator light along with vapor that you can see form from underneath the lense. You can take a hit directly from the hole (sliding back the lense again), but as this is a conduction vaporizer, you might get a harsher flavor depending on the material used. For cooler and smoother vapor the included whip is preferred. At 1.5’ it should be enough to tame vapors for most people’s taste but longer tubes are available if you need them. Magic Flight have gone the extra mile here as the black whip is styled to match the Muad-Dib complete with brass colored ends. In keeping with the no hassle operation there’s just a single temperature too, at about 900F. It’s recommended you only uses waxes and oils that can vaporize cleanly in one go. Other material might work but not quite as well. You’ll need to experiment with how long you hold the battery inside too. Just long enough to do the job but not so hot you get bitter or unpleasant side effects.

Buying The Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer

At just over $100, the Muad-Dib offers a substantially more pleasant vaping setup than your standard nail and torch combination. The handcrafted construction is also backed up with a lifetime warranty to put your mind at ease. For a truly unique wax vaporizer in a sea of copycats and knockoffs, the Muad-Dib easily sets itself apart.


  • Battery Charger
  • Black Draw Whip (1.5’)
  • Felt-lined Decorative Tin
  • Loading Spoon
  • Noir Muad-Dib Concentrate Box
  • Manual
  • 2 x Rechargeable NiMH Glyph Batteries w/ Caps
  • Replacement Screen

Technical Specifications

  • 2.5” x 1.25” x 0.9”
  • Waxes