Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Magic Flight



The Magic Flight launch box is a very easy type of portable vaporizer that's able to vaporize and handle a large load of over 2 grams of your herbs. The handcrafted unit can be found in your favorite classic wood finishes; maple, cherry and walnut wood. Build out of the high-quality wooden exterior the Magic Flight launch box has won multiple awards year after year and the small/unique design makes it a confusing object to use out in public when people try to wonder what you're doing which may draw in the wrong crowd but overall it is a unit that can be hidden under the palm of your hand. The internal parts are made out of ceramic glass so vaping of quality favor is what to expect and drawing out pure vapor that you will taste is an added benefit that other vaporizers around the price don't have.

Magic Flight Launch Box Design
The Magic Flight launch box is made out of your favorite original wood; cherry, maple and walnut, with the dimensions 2.5” X 1.25 X 0.9” only weighing an ounce. This unit can fit in the palm of your hand while the internal components are just ceramic glass with a large herbal chamber. The Magic Flight has water attachment wands, you can also attach the unit to your favorite bongs and pipes if you want to vaporize out of your bongs which is what many people do since the small design can fit over most things. The middle of the vaporizer shows a trench which is the herbal chamber, draw hole and an intake hold as well as a battery port. There's also a stainless steel mesh screen which is inside the trench that's connected to two aluminum rods which are attached to the battery, when you push the batteries down the herbal chamber will begin to heat. There's an acrylic lid you attached that you slide open and close over the herbal chamber as well as the acrylic mouthpiece. There are also glass, metal and wooden mouthpieces sold seperatly.

Magic Flight Batteries
Coming with the Magic Flight Vaporizer are a AA NiMH batteries and a spare so you have another battery ready without any downtime so you can easily replace the old one and throw it on the charging dock. You should be able to get almost 1.5 ohours of use when vaping with the Magic Flight Launch Box. You may think you can go to your local store and buy AA batteries which isn't reccomended since the NiMH batteries are special and able to handle the high performance use of the Magic Flight. Once your batteries have died out you just snap them onto the charging dock and within an hour, you're ready to vape them since that's how long it takes to fully charge your AA NiMH batteries.

Magic Flight Performance
The Magic Flight Launch box will perform as advertised, the quality glass atomizer will leave no traces of residue and you won't ever burn the herbs. Make sure to finely grind your herbs and put around .5 grams inside the herbal chamber and the key trick to getting quality vapor is by the length of time you heat the herbs (under 45 seconds) and how quickly you inhale will produce the specific types of tailored vaping you want with the Magic Flight. You can use the vaporizer with one hand which will nearly cover the entire unit which is a good thing when you're on the go and the backup battery is also a good thing to have. Loading up the chamber isn't as hard as many other vaporizers since it has a good and wide opening to it when you slide the door out which makes for a quick loading downtime and within 45 seconds of pressing down on the battery, you should be drawing up pretty high quality vapor.

This is the easiest and most simple vaporizer ever made, made out of a classic wood finish with ceramic glass the vaporizer uses conduction heating but will evenly vaporize your materials. When you take your pulls you should do it to where you can custom tailor to your needs as there's no specific heating temperature to use and you will eventually have to get used to the way you pull on the acrylic mouthpiece. The AA batteries are very easy to charge up when you snap them into the charging dock and you get all the accessories along with an extra battery, cleaning brush and manual and there's different types of wood finishes it comes with; maple, cherry and walnut but cherry and walnut are premium wood finishes with a gloss finish to it and cost a little more but overall the unit is a beautiful type of vaporizer everyone needs to try.


  • Easy to conceal in a pocket, purse, backpack due to its small, compact design and size
  • Currently the fastest heating vaporizer on the market taking less than five seconds to fully heat
  • Handcrafted in the United States of America using only the finest of wood
  • Uses AA rechargeable batteries which are included along with a battery charger
  • Convenient carrying case allows for even more discretion when traveling and helps in preventing unnecessary damages
  • Covered by a full lifetime warranty