Magic Flight JaK D'Rippa E-Nail

Magic Flight

Magic Flight JaK D'Rippa E-Nail
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  • 2 Dabbing Attachments
  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Torchless Nail
  • Whip Style

Hailing out of San Diego, California, the eccentric Magic Flight crew have taken the bohemian influences this city is known for and created an alternative to traditional dab nails known as Jak D’Rippa. By combining a handcrafted design with creative use of heating technology they have another hit within their line of unique vaporizers. For years, dab rigs have been a popular choice for those who prefer plentiful clouds of thick flavorful vapor. The cumbersome nature of a torch and nail rig creates a hassle in setting up, safety concerns, and other problems, however.

A Better E-Nail

The Jak D’Rippa solves these issues by allowing you to focus on the benefits of the nail design without the drawbacks such as messy cleanup and unwieldy configurations. You’ll even save on costly and unnecessary waste with the efficient way this vaporizer can extract sizable hits from even small amounts of material including concentrates. Whether you like dipstick style vaping or more traditional dabs, the Jak D’Rippa has you covered with not one but two wicking attachments that give a multitude of options for taking draws. The “Rip-tip” allows for the most direct access to your material for less transfer loss and minimal wastage. Alternatively, the “Rip-receiver” dabbing tool allows you to pre-load the material directly on the heating element like a nectar collector. Magic Flight offer even more flexibility when ordering your JDR through a total of four different water filtration attachments that are available:

  • Cherry Bottle Rockets
  • Maple UFO
  • Maple Orbiter
  • Maple Water Pipe Whip

One small downside to the JDR design is that it doesn’t allow portable use as it lacks a battery power source. Many will find this a plus, however, as the included plug-in power adapter produces a more steady energy supply. This allows for reliable heating across all temperatures and larger dabs too. The temperature control lacks any sort of feedback on how hot the element is set to - you’ll need to experiment over time to find the settings that work best for you. In keeping with Magic Flight’s philosophy of engraving positive sentiments on their devices, the JDR has the phrase - “Possibilities Connect People - Fear Separates Them - Always Ask Questions” - underneath the power control.

Operating The Magic Flight Jak D'Rippa

To begin vaping with the JDR first choose which attachment you’d like and then connect the element to the two prongs on the main unit. If using the Rip-receiver you can load your material onto the small screen with the loading spoon. After adjusting the temperature draw in small hits with pausing in between to avoid over-cooking the heating element. With the bowl-type design of this attachment there is the slight problem of melted oils dripping underneath the screen and heating element. This can lead to some maintenance necessary to keep the attachment clean. If you prefer a nectar collector type experience then attach the Rip-Tip, instead. Load in some material into a suitable chamber such as a glass container and then press the tip of the unit into your material while taking in a draw for super fast and efficient hits. Unlike the Rip-receiver, there’s no danger of wasting material from drippage although you lose the ability to put exactly how much material you want to vape. As with most vaporizers, low temperatures produce more flavorful hits that stay true to the character of your material. Higher temperatures will help you obtain more impressive clouds and stronger draws.

Buying The Magic Flight Jak D'Rippa

Do you want the benefits of vaping from a nail rig without the inconveniences they are known for? Then it’s time pack away your blowtorch and pick up a Jak D’Rippa instead. Magic Flight have yet to disappoint and if you’re a fan of the artistic flair they add to their designs and want a thoroughly capable E-Nail then this is an easy one to recommend. It’s available through our online shop at under $175.


  • 2” Flexible Connection Tube
  • Loading Spoon
  • Manual
  • Rip-Tip
  • Rip-Receiver
  • Power Plug (Adapter for International users)

Technical Specifications

  • 110v Power Supply
  • 7” x 3” x 3”
  • Concentrates