Life Saber Vaporizer

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The Life Saber is an advanced portable desktop vaporizer made by the popular manufacturer 7th floor. The Life Saber is built out of pure stainless steel and uses advanced heating to vaporize the herbs with ease. There's no problems when it comes to working with the Life Saber vaporizer since it worked very well. The entire construction of the Life Saber is easily the most strongest and durable type of anodized aluminum gun-barrel housing metal. This is an easy to use portable desktop vaporizer, hand-held and easy to use it has a very long cord over 10 feet long so you can plug up the 110v electrical current to get the vaporizer quickly plugged into the wall with long reach and portability for using this unique styled desktop vaporizer. The Life Saber comes with an awesome travel bag when you purchase the vaporizer.

Life Saber Design
The Life Saber is a portable-desktop vaporizer using pure anodized aluminum gun-barrel housing which can come in many different colors from blue, red, black and silver. The Cylindrical design makes it the easier desktop vaporizer to carry around and use. The inside of the heating chamber is fully made out of ceramic glass and uses the glass-on-glass convection heating transfer that the Silver Surfer uses. The Life Saber is designed to become a very versatile vaporizer which can embed a limitless amount of different filters, water tool attachments, adapters, glass accessories and can be connected using a glass wand to hookahs, bongs and glass pipes making it a very unique experience to where you can take performance to a whole other level. The Design will easily catch anyones attention becoming the centerpiece of attention quickly with the eccentric and versatile design and build. All you have to do is load the glass wand and start vaping with its ceramic glass herbal chamber to where you can load a large amount of herbs inside the wand. You can connect any LSV water pipe attachment and use it without the glass transfer wand. You can also remove the housing and glass heater cover to make it into a portable butanless lighter.

Life Saber Performance
The Life Saber is a strong and very effective portable type of desktop unit, a well crafter device, the entire chamber is made out of stainless steel. The Entire exterior has a stainless steel build and is designed to have very precise air-flow as the vaporization performance for the Life Saber amazingly works very well making it a very effective portable desktop vaporizer. The Life Saber is a multi-functional device, you can use the glass transfer wand or the vaporizer can simply use the water pipe attachment if you want to enhance your vaping experience. The device can also be powered with butane light fluid as you can switch up the usage to make it portable if you so happen to go out camping and don't have an electric converter to be able to plug up into a car batter charger in your RV. If you want a high quality portable-desktop vaporizer to use with the strength and durability to last a life time, it is the Life Saber potable-handheld-desktop vaporizer that will be there for you to always make sure you're able to function with the best desktop vaporizer in the world. The Life Saber makes the performance a rememorable experience, you can put up many different types of attachments to connect with the Life Saber as it is the vaporizer that will always perform to a high level with the fact that it uses high quality ceramic heating chamber which you can pack over 1 gram of herbal materials inside of it. The Life Saber comes with a life time warranty and will always be there for you when you need a high quality desktop vaporizer for sale. 

Buying The Life Saber
Overall to buy the Life Saber it is priced at a very reasonable price. The very high-quality and durable anodized aluminum gun barrel design makes it a very durable, eccentric and even more of a portable vaporizer than a desktop vaporizer. With the quality ceramic glass inside, the Life Saber uses convection vaporization technology to precisely heat up your herbs without any combustion. The fact that the Life Saber can be converted into many different types of glass technologies, adapters and bongs makes it an even bigger reason why you'd want to buy the Life Saber over any other styled vaporizer since the Life Saber is one of a build from the Quality 7th Floor company which are the makers of the Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer vaporizer. This is the Desktop vaporizer you want to invest in when buying a new desktop unit. It is very easy to handle and one of the very few handheld vaporizers that plugs into a wall. The Life Saber costs under $200 and comes with a 7th floor manufacturers life time warranty so you always know your investment is protected when buying a product made by the makers of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.