K-Vape Pro Vaporizer


K-vape pro vaporizer black
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-          Next Generation Dry Herb Vaporizer

-          No Combustion

-          Convection/Conduction Hybrid Technology

-          4 Temperature Setting (350 F, 375 F, 400 F, 428 F)

-          Pass-Through Charging

-          5 Minute Auto-Shutoff Safety Features

-          Anodized Aluminum Shell

-          Glass Mouthpiece

-          Mouthpiece Cooling Technology

Vape pens can be a convenient solution for vaping especially when doing it on the go. However, most of the vape pens available in the market can only hold a small amount of vaping material not to mention that most are too costly. K-Vape Pro from KandyPens has solved these problems with their newest dry herb vaporizer. This unit is one of the most affordable quality devices. It comes with a glass mouthpiece that keeps the vapor cool. Also, the oven size is perfect for solo vaping.

General Design

Even though the main selling point of this device is the budget-friendly price, its looks are more of a high-end product. It assumes a tall, slim design that feels and looks good. The fact that this device is a budget vape, its shape is pretty streamlined and only features one button. The button’s main function is to control the temperature as well at the power. It is also well located at the center of the device in a way that you can easily access it irrespective of how you are holding the device.

Build Quality

K-Vape Pro is made from anodized aluminum. This makes it pretty tough when it comes to scratch resistance. The mouthpiece is built out of glass. However, it does not stick out too fast meaning that it can survive a drop or two. The good thing is that the device comes with a spare mouthpiece in case of such eventuality.


The K-vape Pro is pretty portable. The device is 4 inches tall and has a slim shape. This makes it easy for you to use it on the go. It can perfectly fit on your pocket without anyone noticing that you are carrying it with you. The mouthpiece is exposed, but you will not have any problems keeping it clean as long as you employ a little bit of care.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The K-Vape Pro herb chamber is a little bit small compared to some high-end vaporizers. This makes it a little bit hard to clean it. However, it is generally to that difficult to clean as long as you use the right tools.


The device is user-friendly, and anyone can use it. This feature is a plus to newbies who are looking out to start vaping. Here are some simple steps to follow while cleaning.

-          Remove the mouthpiece so that you can expose the herb chamber

-          Load your vaping material into the chamber and put back the mouthpiece

-          Press the power button five times so that you can turn on the power.

-          Hold on the power button to set your preferred temperature settings

-          Once the LED light stops blinking it indicates that heating is done and you can now inhale from the mouthpiece.


K-vape Pro heats up quickly in that you can start your vaping session almost immediately after you are done loading your material. The device features a funnel shape size that makes loading pretty quick as well. The fact that the device has a glass mouthpiece, the vapor never gets too hot for the user.

Buying K-Vape Pro

The K-vape Pro is one of the low-priced dry herb vaporizers in the market. That makes it a perfect device to purchase especially if you are operating on a budget. It also features a glass mouthpiece that keeps the vapor cool. The oven size is also perfect and can take you a whole session. So if you are looking for a quality, affordable dry herb vape pen, then K-vape Pro is your best choice.


-          1 x KandyPens K-Vape Pro Vaporizer

-          1 x USB Charging Cable

-          2 x K-Vape Pro Mouthpiece

-          1 x Cleaning Brush

-          1 x Instruction Manual

Technical Specifications

-          Lifetime Warranty

-          Compatible with Dry herb

Battery life- 60 minutes