Journey Pipe J3

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-          Aerodynamic Design

-          Simple 3 Piece Design

-          Magnetic Snap-Close Lid

-          Portable and Discreet

-          Smoke Cooling Technology

The Journey3 Pipe is a unique hand pipe that is popularly known and loved around the world. Similar to its predecessors the J3 pipe features sturdy zinc alloy design and a super easy to clean design with improvements across the board. Also, J3 employs a powerful magnet, instead of multiple magnets which ensure that each piece of the pipe is held tightly in their position until you take them apart for loading or cleaning.

Filter Gap Technology

With its innovative filter gap technology, J3 can eliminate clogs and the need for screens. Screens tend to hold onto toxic properties of the burnt herbs even after a thorough clean. So the vertical gap at the edge of the bowl was strategically designed to make it impossible to clog the filter.

Build Quality

J3 pipe is made of zinc casting alloys with non-toxic finishes. Zinc alloys provide a combination of toughness, bearing, performance, strength, and rigidity than any other alloy could offer. Additionally, zinc has different properties such as fluidity and stiffness which makes it possible to design thin wall sections for reduced weight. The Journey3 also comes in three pipes that are held tightly to form by a super strong magnet, with no difficulties to separate when necessary. It has a top lid which closes the bowl while on the move to avoid the materials from spilling. However, this lip can easily rotate when in need.


The J3 comes in a compact size, at only 3.75 inches tall. It also does not feature any screens. Therefore, it means that you can keep it concealed with the palms of your hands. Also, since it does not have any fragile or moving parts means that you can easily tuck it in your pockets without having to worry about damaging your pipe.


The Journey3 Pipe is highly portable, and this is due to the zinc casting alloys construction. It measures 3.75 inches long, and its official weight is 0.35 lbs. Therefore, it is super easy to stash in a purse or pocket. The manufacturer has actually gone a step further to provide a free carrying pouch which makes carrying the pipe along much more convenient.


-          1 x Journey3 pipe

-          1 x Carrying Bag

Technical Specifications

-          Vaporizer Compatibility: Dry Herbs

-          Dimensions: 1.25 x 3 x 4 in.

-          Weight: 0.35 lbs.

-          Colors: Black, Gold, and Silver