iPV5 200w TC Box Mod



The iPV5 200w Box Mod is in a league all its own. Good looking and stylish, we wouldn’t be surprised if this baby started replacing all your preferred vapes. Pioneer4You, makers of iPV2, iPV3 and iPV4, has taken all they have learned from the previous incarnations of this model and jam packed updates and improvements into a two-toned silver vape that looks more like a recorder than an electronic cigarette.

Pre-orders have started for the new iPV5 200w Box Mod from Pioneer4You. Just like its predecessor, the iPV4, the iPV5 200w Box Mod is sleek and good looking. One side the iPV5 200w Box Mod is rounded while the other side has a narrower edge. The iPV5 features an OLED screen, USB port, a firing switch and adjustment buttons. Hand feel for the mod is great.

This newest offering from Pioneer4You features its best chip yet. With the iPV5 200w Box Mod, Pioneer4You is launching their Yihi SX330-200 chip.This chips makes the iPV5 200w Box Mod more powerful than its predecessor, capable of up to a 200 watt output. It is fitted with a temperature control feature, making sure that every vaping session is exactly to our liking. The temperature control feature is compatible with Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and stainless steel wire.

Most other vapes that have USB ports use those ports for charging. The iPV5’s firmware is upgradeable so the USB port is more for updating more than charging. This vape also has removable batteries so charging it using your devices is not ideal. We would highly suggest purchasing a high quality charger for this one. Two 18650 are required for the iPV5 200w Box Mod but those are also sold separately.

Reservations for this model are slowly starting to pile up. We’re expecting this bad boy to sell out pretty quickly. You can pre-order with us to make sure you get your hands on the iPV5 200w Box Mod.