Hydrology 9 Vaporizer

Cloudious9 Inc




  • Anti-Leak Filtration System

  • Food-grade Porcelain Chamber

  • Lightshow Function

  • Magnetic Mouthpiece

  • Rotating Stirrer

  • Space-grade AA Body


As the vape market grows in popularity the amount of copy-cat and ‘me too’ products has reached a breaking point. With a lack of innovation plaguing the industry, vapers are starting to get tired of seeing the same old thing and the thirst for true advancement is unquenched. Californians Cloudious9 spotted this gap in the market and for the past two years have been hard at work developing an unorthodox vaporizer we can honestly get excited about. Usually, vaporizers are lucky to see one or two new features taken from the existing competition, but the Hydrology9 sets itself apart with a litany of innovations.

Integrated Water Filtration

While vaporizing already gives a healthier vape than combustion type devices, water filtration is one way to extract even smoother and cleaner rips than normally possible. Because of this, some vaporizers offer the ability to connect filtration systems as a separate addon. However, Cloudious9 thought that integrating this right into the core design with their patent pending ‘tunnel tube’ technology was a better way to go. This not only makes the water filtration more effective and safe, it adds a unique visual appeal to the Hydrology9 that’s sure to impress friends when together for a vape session. The leak resistant design not only keeps your vapor cool but ups the ante in the flavor department, too. The space grade aluminum alloy and borosilicate glass body give the unit a durable yet classy look that should last for years to come.

No More Waste

And the Hydrology9 doesn’t just stop there, in addition to the impressive filtration system it adds another great feature, a rotating stirrer for your herb. Say goodbye to wastage and uneven heating because now you can easily reposition your material as it heats to ensure every bit gets used efficiently.

Additional Features

If you’re the kind of vaper who likes to dial in draw resistance just the way you like it the. Hydrology9 has you covered there, too. With not one but two adjustable air intake holes, you can fine tune the amount of air let through perfectly to suit your preference. Finally, to cap things off, the mouthpiece is a magnetic cover that keeps the device watertight while allowing you to easily remove or add it when necessary. Stylistically, the Hydrology9 is certainly futurist looking and wouldn’t look out of place on board a spaceship in the latest sci-fi film. One small downside is that the large diameter and length of the cylindrical shape hinders its ability to be truly portable. Sure, you could take it along if you had a large enough bag to carry it in but this is a device that’s really more at home in your living space rather than a take-along. The 2000 mAh battery should last you about 15 sessions and takes two to three hours to fully charge. The current capacity can be seen by holding the power button for three seconds when the unit is off where it displays the level using three colors on the LEDS, green, blue, and red.

Operating The Hydrology9

To turn the unit on click the power button three times. The LEDs will flash green and then turn blue as the device starts to heat up. Once it’s reached the initial temperature the LEDs will glow green indicating that it’s ready to go. After grinding your herb, remove the cap and load your material before putting it back on. You can then remove the mouthpiece and fill the tube with water, less than about 3/4 full is recommended. To set the heating element to one of the five available temperatures you only need to click once to cycle through. Each setting has its own color as shown from lowest to highest:

  • Blue

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • Red

Because drawing in air and cool the chamber the temperature of the unit can drop slightly, Cloudious9 have ingeniously added a microchip to sense small variations in level and automatically adjust with a split second response for a very even heating experience. The combination of water filtration and even heating within the conduction chamber result in vapor quality that is second to none and also much healthier because of reduced carcinogenic materials entering your lungs.

Ripping The Light Fantastic

It gets even better though as Cloudious9 have one more trick up their sleeve. The water filtration tube doubles as a lava-lamp style light show. Just press and hold power button for three seconds when unit is not heating to start a slow light show. Press the button when it’s heating for a fast cycle, instead. This is a perfect way to enhance your vape session and even allows the vaporize to double as a decorative device when not in use.

Buying The Hydrology9

By fusing a modern look with state of the art water filtration technology, Cloudious9 have created a device that delivers impeccable cool vapor that’s also a real joy to use and share with friends. If you have the budget and want to buy one of the most advanced and different vaporizers available online right now the Hydrology9 could be the perfect choice.


  • 2x Screens

  • A/C adapter

  • Loading/Air intake adjustment tool

  • Long cleaning brush

  • USB Charging cable

  • Short cleaning brush

Technical Specifications

  • 2000 mAh Li battery

  • 6.8” x 1.77”