HoneyStick Phantom Vaporizer

Honey Stick




-          Preheating Functionality

-          1000 mAh Battery

-          Vaporize Essential Oils and Concentrates

-          Upgraded Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Body

-          4 Voltages: 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V

-          Comes with two Magnetic Tank Adapters for Long and Short Tanks

-          Dual Quartz Atomizers

-          Squeeze Action Trigger

The Phantom vaporizer is one of the latest products from HoneyStick. With the introduction of this unit, the company offers an added layer of luxury to your dabbing sessions. The HoneyStick Phantom Vaporizer features a carbon fiber and thick brushed aluminum body, which makes it a highly stylish device. This product can handle all your oil and concentrate needs. Users can utilize the magnetic adapter caps to enjoy a prefilled cartilage, or they can choose to load their own vaping material inside the provided tanks. Additionally, this vaporizer features a squeeze-to-vape design that gives the user a natural feeling while enjoying a session.

Upgraded Luxury Construction

The HoneyStick Phantom Signature Series Vaporizer is one of the most luxurious-looking, and sleek vaporizers available in the market. HoneyStick used a thick-brushed, aluminum metal on this device that gives it an exotic feel. The squeeze trigger is made from a deep-etched metal with the HoneyStick hexagonal insignia. This provides it with a rich-textured handle. The carbon fiber compliments the HoneyStick Phantom Vaporizer stylish look.

A Squeeze Box Vaporizer

One aspect that makes this vaporizer stand out from all the other devices in the market is that it features a method known as squeeze to vape. Unlike other devices where users have to pinpoint a small button to take a draw or change temperatures, the Phantom allows you to squeeze the vape to change the voltage or initiate draws. This feature gives users a more comfortable sensation while using it.

Buying the HoneyStick Phantom Vaporizer

The Phantom Vaporizer from HoneyStick is one of the best devices that you can buy from the market. Its incredible features are favorable for both newbies and experienced users. The 1000 mAh capacity of the Phantom battery will last you a long time before recharging. Purchase your unit today and take your vaping experience to the next level.


-          1 x HoneyStick Phantom Battery

-          2 X Magnetic Tank Adapters ( for long and short tanks)

-          1 x User Manual

-          1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

-          1 X Premium Glass Vape Tank for Essential Oils 0.5 Ml

-          1 x Stainless Concentrate Tank

-          1 x Ultra premium Dual Quartz / Ceramic WAX Atomizer

Technical Specifications

-          Brand:                   HoneyStick

-          Type:                     Vaporizer

-          Compatibility:     Concentrates