HoneyStick AeroBee Vaporizer





-          High Capacity Battery (unit does NOT INCLUDE a cartridge)

-          Watt/Temperature Control Modes

-          Aerospace Aluminium Body

-          Digital Magnetic Concealer for 510 Thread Cartridges

-          Push Button Operation

-          Clear Large LED Readout

-          Slim and Sleek Quality Feel

The Honeystick AeroBee Cartridge Vaporizer is the latest and greatest mod in the industry. True to its name, this unit is manufactured out of an aerospace aluminum body and features a high capacity 800 mAh battery for big power and long life. The AeroBee is capable of vaping 510 thread cartridges and it comes with a unique magnetic concealer that is made with premium technology. The HoneyStick AeroBee vape is the leading digital variable temperature concealer that boasts a digital battery display and an LCD screen.

General Design  

Although, the 510 batteries look the same, the AeroBee is elegant and manages to stand out. It has asymmetrical design due to its ‘cutout’ on the side of the battery where the cartridges are inserted and it has a sloping edge. Additionally, its control buttons add some style to the battery due to their silver color, which provides a good contrast against the matte black finish of the body.

Body Quality

The Honeystick AeroBee is made out of aluminum, particularly similar to the one used in aerospace engineering. It manages to look sturdy and attractive, and it also has a nice heft to it without feeling overly heavy.

Buying the Honeystick AeroBee Cartridge Vaporize Mod

The AeroBee offers you the ability to vaporize your medicinal cartridge and to key in your perfect temperature for vaporizing. The ability to modestly vaporize your oils at home or on-the-go while using this device is guaranteed to give you peace of mind. The AeroBee is a slim, sleek, and reliable concealer vaporizer that will take your vaping sessions to the next level.


-          1 x Honeystick AeroBee Cartridge Vaporizer Mod

-          1 x 800 mAh AeroBee MOD Battery

-          1 x User Manual

-          1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

-          2 x Magnet Adapters/ Connectors

Note: NO Cartridge / Vape tank Included