Honey Stick RIPPO Vaporizer

Honey Stick

Honey Stick RIPPO Wax Vaporizer
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  • Ceramic heating
  • Flip Top design
  • Stealthy

The Rippo Vaporizer is one of the latest products to come out from vape company Honey Stick. They’re known for producing cutting edge products such as the first ever sub-ohm vaporizer and now they have another device that will only add their growing reputation. By fusing the classic form of the Zippo lighter with modern vaporizer technology they’ve spawned a unique product that will find its way into the pockets of many vape users. It’s a super portable flip top design that offers the ultimate in on-the-go and discrete usage. The exterior combines a rugged and easy to grip rubber surface with a honeycomb top that adds a creative touch to the otherwise inconspicuous design. A metallic silver finish on the mouthpiece and heating area finishes off the look. Your waxes and oils are heated in a ceramic chamber for full, rich flavor. Despite the small size of the Rippo it’s still capable of producing voluminous clouds backed up by a 1300 mAh battery which is generous for such a small wax vaporizer

Operating The Honey Stick RIPPO Vaporizer

After flipping the top just load the device and press the button to begin taking a hit. Flip it closed again to stealthily hide it away. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Buying The Honey Stick RIPPO Vaporizer

Not only is the Rippo easy to use it comes at an online price that’s affordable for almost anyone at just $99. It’s one of the most portable yet high performing vapes you’ll find anywhere right now. Currently it’s available for pre-order only so hurry up and grab one now before the first batch of stock runs out.


  • Manual
  • RIPPO Tank
  • USB Charger

Technical Specifications

  • 1300 mAh Battery
  • Wax/Oils