Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe 2.0 - Black


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  • Easy Operation
  • Sleek Design
  • Smooth Hits
  • Laser Bong

The Hitoki brand is spearheaded by the Trident product. And most importantly, the Trident works in a similar design to how a magnifying glass or sunlight is used to combust flowers with a concentrated beam of light. This laser combustion method offers a healthy option to the butane lighters that are mostly used with smoking loose leaves. The Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe is opulent and stylish, thereby providing its users with a whole new level of sophistication in dry herbs consumption.

Lastly, this simple-to-use device includes multiple temperature settings, water filtration, safety interlocks, and fast charging capability of almost 280+ uses on a single charge.

Ease of Use

Similar to other vapes on the market, the Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe is operated with only one button at the top. Pressing the power button five times switches the device on or off; therefore, this is a great safety measure for keeping the device off from the wrong hands. Additionally, the water pipe unscrews the acrylic base, thus allowing the user to add some water to the reservoir that will help cool off the vapor and smoke before inhaling.

Temperature Settings

The power button on the top lights differently depending on the selected temperature setting. To change or adjust the temperatures, simply press the button three times. The lights come in three colors; blue, green, and red. Blue is the hottest temperature that is meant for an essential oil-infused blend. Green is a medium setting, and it is intended for fresh herbal blends; and finally, red is the lowest setting, which is suitable for dryer, looser blends, and for flavorful taste.

Buying the Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe

The Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe is a crowd pleaser and an extremely special way of consuming your favorite dry herbs. It delivers smooth hits, it is fun, and to top it all, it is a laser water pipe!


  • 1 x Hitoki Trident Laser Water Pipe
  • 1 x USB Type C Charger
  • 1 x Silicone Hose with a Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Poker