Hitoki Saber - Laser Pipe with Glass Bubbler


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  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Exterior

  • Integrated Water Filter

  • Carb Button

  • Cleanest Smoking Experience

  • Removable Ceramic Loading Chamber

The Hitoki Saber Laser Pipe is a revolutionary smoking tool that allows you to enjoy your favorite herbs in a whole new way. Using advanced laser technology, the Saber Laser Pipe heats your herbs to the perfect temperature for inhalation without the need for any open flames. This means you can enjoy a smooth, flavorful hit every time without worrying about the hazards of traditional glass water pipe units.


The Saber Laser Pipe is also incredibly easy to use. Simply load your herbs into the chamber, close the lid, and press the button to activate the laser. Within seconds, your herbs will be heated to the perfect temperature, ready for you to inhale.


The compact and lightweight design of the Saber Laser Pipe makes it easy to take it with you wherever you are traveling, so you can enjoy a convenient and enjoyable smoking experience anytime, anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly

The Hitoki Saber Laser Pipe is also environmentally friendly. It doesn't produce any harmful smoke or embers, so you can enjoy your herbs without worrying about their environmental impact.

Buying Hitoki Saber - Laser Pipe

The Hitoki Saber Laser Pipe is a game-changing vaping tool that offers a safe, convenient, and enjoyable way to enjoy your favorite herbs. Purchase your unit today and transform your vaping experience for the better.


  • 1 x Hitoki Saber

  • 1 x Poker

  • 1 x USB Type C Charging Cable

  • 1 x Ceramic Loading Chamber

  • 1 x Instruction Manual

  • 1x Glass Bubbler