Higher Standards Rig Kit

Higher Standards




-          100% Quartz Banger

-          Medical-grade Borosilicate

-          Thick Durable Design

-          Easy-to-Clean

-          Premium Dab Tools

-          Compact Size

-          Made in the USA

-          Airtight Seal

-          Quad-Compartment Silicone Wax Container

The higher Standard Heavy Duty Rig is a high-quality dab rig that will help you take your dabbing sessions to the next level. The quartz construction and the glass provide high heat resistance and pure vapor. The dab rig has been specifically engineered for water filtration of the concentrates. This long-lasting, medical grade borosilicate glass rig has been made in a way that it offers powerful and reliable performance. It features a quartz banger for optimal flavor transfer. This dab rig also promotes the ideal airflow for concentrates since it features a sealed air path with minimal drag.

The clean and clear look that this unit depicts is easily maintained using Salt Rox and higher standards ISO pure cleaning supplies. Each unit of this device is sold along with a reusable collector’s case for transport and safe storage. The case also contains a set of dab tools and a concentrate container.

Advanced Diffusion

The high standards company developed a diffused stem for this unit with some small slits that sift smoke into the water chamber, which results in some fine bubbles. This water filtration style in a vaporizer helps in ensuring more smoke is introduced to moisture. As smoke passes through the water chamber, it filters all the unwanted particles thus resulting in a smoother inhale. You can easily fill or empty the water chamber through the mouthpiece. This enables a hassle-free cleaning process.

Sealed AirPath

The heavy duty dab rig features an airtight seal. This helps in minimizing drag so as to deliver quality vapor directly to the lungs while it is most powerful. A compact chamber with tight passageways gives the vapor no time to lose its flavor and potency as it travels through the air path. Also, the ground glass is handcrafted in a way that it ensures a secure attachment. The flared mouthpiece is made in to ensure optimal suction thus enabling a deeper chug. With a sealed vapor path, this device ensures that you get the most out of your concentrates.

Premium Glass

Crafted from 100% lab-grade borosilicate glass, this device is characterized by durability, clarity, easy to maintain design as well as thermal resistance. Its clean and clear look gives you the opportunity to see exactly what is happening within the pipe. The higher Standard Heavy Duty Rig features a non-porous surface which is easy to clean, preventing build-up and thus ensuring great performance.

The higher Standard Heavy Duty Rig features a medical-grade design, and it is resistant to high temperature. This helps it to preserve the essential aromas, flavors and the effects of your dabbing material without any unwanted odors or tastes.

100% Quartz Nail

The higher Standard Heavy Duty Rig features an extra thick banger made from 100% pure quartz crystal for maximum flavor extraction. The quartz nail pulls intense flavor at a lower temperature since it is able of withstanding extreme temperatures. This enables it to deliver smooth and powerful rips. This unit has been designed with proper thickness for dabbing purposes, making it hard to crack or break and thus offering a long-lasting performance.

Collectors Case

Designed for enthusiasts, this device ships in a sleek collector’s case which contains all the tools and accessories you need for an utmost vaping session. The kit includes 100% quartz crystal banger, two premium metal dab tools with silicone grips and a quad-compartment concentrate container used to store different concentrates separately. This case is used to store your higher Standard Heavy Duty Rig and all the accessories safe while traveling.

Buying the higher Standard Heavy Duty Rig

The higher Standard Heavy Duty Rig is one of the best devices in the market that will help get you high. If you are looking for a product that will offer quality, then this is it. This device is also durable meaning that you will not need another device for a long time. Taking into consideration the price of this unit and what it as to offer, the device is worth every single penny.


-          1 x High Standard Heavy Duty Rig

-          1 x High Standards Large Dab Tool

-          1 x Quartz Banger Nail- 14mm Male

-          1 x Higher Standards Small Dab Tool

-          1 x Higher Standards Cardboard Box

-          1 x Quad Compartment Concentrate Storage Container

Technical Specifications

-          Vaporizer Compatibility:         Concentrates

-          Dimensions:                             9.80 x 10.45 x 4.25 in.

-          Weight:                                      2.50 lbs.