Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler

Higher Standards




-          Medical Grade Borosilicate Glass Design

-          Made in the USA

-          Dual-Use Design for Dry Herbs and Concentrates

-          Thick, Durable and Long Lasting Composition

-          Durable Fixed Diffused Down stem Design

-          Easy to Clean Design

-          Flared Mouthpiece, Angled Straight Neck and Sturdy Base

-          Airtight Seal Delivers Superior Airflow

Carefully handcrafted in the USA from 100% high-grade borosilicate glass, the Heavy Duty Riggler from Higher Standards is engineered to deliver premium water filtration of both concentrates and dry herbs with extreme portability. The Riggler focuses on delivering the right amount of percolation without compromising the flavor. Its high quality fixed diffused down stem design creates intense fine bubbles while providing optimized airflow for perfectly cooled, thick, and flavorful hits.

Additionally, it includes a pure quartz banger as well as a heat-resistant borosilicate glass bowl to preserve the flavors of your favorite dry herbs and concentrates. It also features a glass carb cap to ensure an airtight seal and a double-tipped concentrate tool with silicone grips for precise measuring of your concentrates.


Unlike most glass rigs, the Heavy Duty Riggler does not look like you need a physics degree to use it. The Riggler features all that you need to produce flavorful and water-cooled rips and nothing more. It features a wide and sturdy base and an angled mouthpiece to ensure that your sessions are easy and comfortable. The banger also stands less than 13cm tall; therefore, it is easy to handle and portable.

Premium Quartz Banger

Even though the banger is made of thick 100% quartz and can withstand temperatures above 1000°F/538°C without sustaining any damage. This one is designed to retain the low-temp you need to vaporize dabs for a long time. The Heavy Duty Riggler does it part by ensuring that you get the most from your dry herbs and concentrates by protecting the flavor and reducing the chances that you’ll burn your extracts.

Buying the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler

If you are looking for a sturdy piece of glass with a small footprint that is high-quality, easy to use, and can produce smooth potent vapor, you will be more than satisfied with the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler. The build quality is exceptional, and you can never go wrong with the materials used to manufacture each individual rig.


-          1 x Higher Standards Riggler

-          1 x Single Hole Martini Bowl Slide-14mm Male

-          1 x Premium Quartz Banger Nail-14mm Male

-          1 x Carb Cap

-          1 x Dabber Tool

-          1 x Reusable Collector’s Box

Technical Specifications

-          Rig Weight- 2.5lbs

-          Rig Height- 5 Inches

-          Box Dimensions- 9.80 x 10.45 x 4.25in (25 x 26.5 x 10.8cm)