Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe

Higher Standards





-          Triple-Pinch Ice Catcher

-          Maximum Water Filtration

-          Downstem features a 6-Slit Single Hole Percolator

-          Airtight Seal

-          Ground Glass Connection

-          Thick Durable Design

-          High-Grade Borosilicate Funnel Bowl

-          Large Beaker- Style Chamber

-          Custom Ice Mold Tray

The Heavy Duty Beaker by the Higher Standards is specially made for the optimal water filtration of dry herbs. The Beaker is carefully handmade in the USA, and it features extra-thick borosilicate glass that is strong and reliable. Six small slits in the removable downstem produce fine bubbles which ensure that more smoke comes into contact with moisture. The wide beaker style chamber accommodates plenty of water than other pipes thus delivering double the moisture conditioning. A high-grade borosilicate funnel bowl fits perfectly through the ground glass offering an airtight seal. Its impressive 8 inches straight neck with a triple-pinch ice catcher ensures that you enjoy a straight blast of powerful vapor. It also features a custom ice mold tray that molds ice cubes which fit inside the tube.


The Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe is designed to offer maximum flavor transfer; the glass pipes are engineered to deliver optimal airflow. It also features tight passages and condensed chambers which deliver hits directly when vapor is at its highest potency. From its perfectly fitted ground glass connections to the flared mouthpiece and water pipes that feature airtight paths engineered for high-level water filtration. The sealed air paths ensure low draw resistance by promoting deep chugging and thorough moisture conditioning. The vapor quality is richly flavored and remarkably dense.

Premium Collector’s Box

To ensure that the Heavy Duty Beaker is safe from damage, it comes in a sleek reusable collector’s box along with its accessories and parts. It also features a premium foam with a dust-resistant and break-resistant design, this box ensures that your vaporizer is secure throughout the years. Additionally, its sturdy handle allows you to easily and effortlessly carry your device along everywhere. Custom ice mold that allows for a cooling effect is also included in the box.


Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipes combines engineering and design to offer you with a refined vaping experience. The extra thick glass water pipes look, feel and perform like heavy duty products. The premium smoking systems are also built to last long, easy to clean and are crack-resistant thus ensuring high performance through the years. The glass is completely medical-grade and inert by nature; this ensures that natural flavors of your materials are preserved. The device is made by connoisseurs, and they have put the principles of design together using their practical experience to create a product that offers exactly what consumers want.


-          1 x Higher Standard Beaker Water Pipe

-          1 x Thick Martini Slide-14mm Male

-          1 x Custom Ice Mold included

-          1 x Glass Downstem- 14mm Female/ 18mm Male

-          1 x Higher Standards Cardboard Box

Technical Specifications

-          14.25 inches Tall

-          Dimensions: 16.5 x 10.75 x 6 in.

-          Weight: 3.45 lbs.

-          Vaporizer compatibility: Dry herbs