Greedy M2 60W Kit


Greedy M2 60W Kit
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-          Dual Titanium/ Quartz Heating Chamber

-          Adjustable Airflow

-          Works with Wax Concentrates

-          Easy Accessible Mouthpiece

-          Compatible with 510 Battery the MR50

The Greedy M2 60W Kit is one of the most versatile heating attachment. Just like its predecessor, the original greedy. The device works well for wax concentrates as vapor quality is excellent since it features a dual adjustable airflow.


The Atmos Greedy M2 60W Kit design has no big difference from the original Greedy heating attachment. It has used the same stainless steel housing with a splash resistant mouthpiece and adjustable airflow. The device is a multi-purpose attachment that works pretty well wax concentrates.

Vapor Quality

Just like its predecessor, the Greedy M2 60W Kit is compatible with the Kanthal Clapton Coil Quartz, Kanthal twisted coil Quartz rod chamber and the Stainless steel quartz rod chamber. The overall vapor quality delivered by this device is very good and can be controlled using the adjustable airflow.


It comes with a 60W smart battery, meaning that the battery can adjust automatically to correct voltage and wattage for the attachment cartridge. The battery capacity is 1400 mAh. It is important to note that while you are using this device, you should let the chamber and the battery to cool off between cycles. Do not go beyond two or three sessions before allowing it cool. This will prevent overheating and will prologue the life of the battery as well.

Buying the Atmos Greedy M2 60W Kit

If you choose to buy this device, be rest assured that it will not disappoint you especially when it comes to its versatility and build quality. Greedy M2 60W Kit is pretty impressive for its price.


-          1 x Greedy M2 Heating Attachment

-          1 x Smart 60W Battery

-          1 x Dual/ Quartz Rod Atomizer

-          1 x Micro- USB Charger

-          1 x User Manual