GRAV Slush Cup

Grav Labs




-          Improved 14 mm straw

-          Reinforced cross-cut downstream

-          whimsical shape

-          Comes ready to use

The GRAV Slush Cup has made a grand return. The company has improved its 14 mm straw making it studier and thicker than before. This allows for bigger rips as well as more durability. Also, the straw is designed in an angled shape to prevent any splashback allowing you to tailor your water level according to what you prefer the most. However, we recommend about 2 inches level to allow optimum performance from the device.

The device also features a reinforced crosscut. This helps in diffusing smoke through water, resulting in cooler and smoother hits. It is also fixed in place to prevent any damage. The GRAV Slush cup is also pretty portable. Its size can perfectly fit on a palm, cup holders as well as coasters. It also packs a lot of water in a small footprint. This means that you can be able to use it on the go. The unit also features a 14 mm recessed Dewar-seal that is joint with the device upper edge to maximize its internal volume.

Buying GRAV 7.5" Sip Series Bubbler - Slush Cup - Clear (14mm Bowl) Fixed 6 Cut Downstem

The Slush cup from GRAV is another incredible device from the company. It comes with some amazing features that will help give you an ultimate vaping experience. It also comes ready to use so that you can start enjoying your favorite refreshments right away. Order your unit today!


-          1 x GRAV Slush cup