GRAV Milk Carton bubbler

Grav Labs




-          Clear Thick Glass

-          Features a fixed fission downstream

-          Stands 4” tall

-          Part of the new GRAV sip Series

-          Comes with a 14 mm cup bowl

-          Design is by Micah Evans

The Milk Carton Bubbler from GRAV is part of the new GRAV sip series. This glass bubbler comes with a unique and attractive design by Micah Evans. The design makes this device to be highly functional and helps prevent splashback while in use. The narrow opening design at the spout of the carton is the one responsible for preventing splashbacks.

Additionally, the device provides large volume hits. It includes a 14 mm GRAV cup bowl and is fitted with a fixed 14 mm diffused downstream. This unit has an open body that enables plenty of diffusions.

Buying the GRAV 4" Sip Series Bubbler - Milk Carton - Clear (14mm Bowl) Fixed Downstem

The Milk Carton Bubbler from GRAV is a functional water pipe that will be sure to take your smoking sessions to the next level. It will remind you of simpler times in the cafeteria. Therefore, if you are looking forward to having the best smoking experience, then the Milk Carton Bubbler from GRAV is what you need. Buy your unit today!


-          1 x Milk Carton Bubbler from GRAV

Technical Specifications

-          Height:       4.”