Grav Labs 8" Android Flare Stemless Water Pipe

Grav Labs




- Thick glass

- Domeless Quartz Nail

- Height: 10.”

- Base Width: 4”

- Inline Percolator

- Branded clear glass (Scientific)

- Grav Labs quartz bowl

- 60 x 5 mm Borosilicate

8" Android Flare Stemless Water Pipe from Grav Labs is a device meant to take your smoking experience to another level. Its unique design features two antenna- a mild bogging inner chamber and mouthpieces. Within this product are two separate functions: One mouthpiece features an inline percolator. This is where the water does deflect off the internal body that has been used on the concentrate side (this side is meant to be used with dry herbs). The other mouthpiece leads to an internal body that features a natural percolator, which is meant to be used with legal concentrates. 

The side that has been designed for concentrates features a 14mm male joint and also comes with both a dome and a glass nail. The opposing side has a 14 mm female joint, accompanied by a bowl slide.

Technical Specifications

- Width: 8”

- Weight: 690 Grams