Grav Labs 13'' Flare Stemless w/ Coil-Showerhead

Grav Labs




- Stemless flare

- Coiled Showerhead

- 14 mm Joint

- 60 x 5 mm Glass

13'' Grav Labs Flare Stemless W/ Coil-Showerhead is a perfect blend for all your smoking needs. This device is built with a durable 60 x 5 mm borosilicate glass, which is meant to give it a long lasting life. However, you should provide proper care while handling it since it is still made of glass after all. Premium diffusion is enabled through the cooling showerhead perc that also makes this stylish glass piece appealing to the eye. Its exterior shape is rather straightforward featuring a stable base that adds support to it when the glass pipe is at rest. 

The stemless design helps the user to easily clean and maintain it while the flared lip offers extra comfortable smoking sessions. The device is intended for tobacco use only. 

Technical Specifications

- Made in the USA

- Color: Black

- Style: Stemless w/ Coil Showerhead

- Material: Glass

- GRAV Labs

- Type: Water Pipe