Grav Labs 12" Flare Stemless Water Pipe W/ Honey Comb Disc

Grav Labs




- High-quality borosilicate glass

- Straight neck

- Ice feature 

- Male 14.5 mm herb bowl

- Female 14.5 mm ground joint

- Reinforced stemless design

- Available in different colored decal options

- Honeycomb Disc Percolator 

12" Grav Labs Flare Stemless Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc is a simple yet very reliable device. With a reinforced stemless downstream, a honeycomb diffuser for maximum filtration, 14.5 mm ground joint as well as the standard water filtration, the smoke cools and diffuses quickly with minimal drag. By the time the smoke is reaching your mouth all you get is smooth taste. The device is made from a quality glass that cannot be easily broken to give it a long lasting life. 

The base has been further thickened to improve its stability. While using this device, you now have an added advantage of using ice cubes to cool your smoke further to the degree that you like. Its mouthpiece has been thickened and rounded so that it can offer more comfort to the user.

Technical Specifications 

- Manufacturer: Grav Labs

- Ice: Yes

- Color: Clear

- Height: 30.5 cm / 12 inches 

- Joint size: 14.5 mm