GRAV Hammer Bubblers - 4"

Grav Labs

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-          Colored and Clear Glass

-          Clear Body

-          Fixed Downstream

-          Perc: X- Cut Diffused

-          One Hole Push Bowl

-          7.5 inches- Complete Pipe Length

-          4.0 inches- Bubbler Height

-          Self-Standing

The GRAV Hammer Bubblers - 4" is an incredible vaping device from GRAV Labs made on 32 mm borosilicate glass. The device features an x-cut diffused downstream that enables it to percolate up a nice cool smoke. It ensures that the smoke is smooth and clean with all your draws.

This vaporizer is self-sufficient in that requires no accessories. The unit functions at its best with 0.5” water level. It is also easy to maintain. To keep it clean, all you need is use a good cleaning product such as orange chronic.

Buying GRAV Hammer Bubblers - 4"

This unit is stylish, functional, and efficient making it perfect for anyone looking for a simple water ready hand pipe. The price of this device is well worth what it can offer. Therefore, if you are looking to take your vaping experience to the next level, this is the device you need to purchase. Try GRAV Hammer Bubblers - 4" today, and the chances are that it will easily become one of your favorite.