Goboof Alfa Vaporizer


Goboof Alfa Vaporizer
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The Alfa Goboof is an Irish made portable vaporizer that has a small 3.74" size to easily store inside your pocket. The herbs can load right inside the herbal chamber and you can fit around .5 grams of materials. The Alfa Goboof uses convection vaporization technology and provide you with the highest quality and smooth vapor. It replaces the Indica vaporizer since they're literally the same types of vaporizers. The Goboof has two types of heating elements, one is a circular heating element that's on the bottom of the ceramic chamber and the other is in the middle, stands vertical and is used to ensure the entire chamber is evenly vaporized leaving now materials untouched and no hot spots.

Alfa Goboof Design
The Alfa Goboof is a quality square shaped vaporizer with a smaller size of 3.74" tall and a one of a kind rotary heat setting dial to where you can set the specific temperature of your heating knowing that the more simple the technology is the less likely there's any electronic failures in the vaporizer. The Goboof is built to last a long time and the bottom has a latched door that will open up to when you need access to the herbal chamber. There's an extra heating pin inside the herbal chamber, the vaping will even out the entire chamber with the heating pin in place. The wide mouthpiece of the Alfa Goboof ensures you get massive rips vaping out of the silicone material.

Alfa Goboof Temperature Settings & Battery
With the Alfa Goboof, you have 5 different settings that is presently labeled on the Alfa Goboof: LO, MID, HI, A/P, A/T you can use by selecting them with the rotary dial. The temperature detection technology called Auto Time that measures your time and A/P (Auto Puff_) measures the puff you take and will experience an enhanced vaping experience since the heating will increase in 7 degree increments within the 20 minute sessions when using the Alfa Goboof. This temperature sequence, helps give you the maximum vapor density to increase the heating while the botanical count in your herbs will decrease over the amount of puffs you take so the A/P and A/T setting technology will be the measurements that increase your vaping experience. The LO is 374°F(190°C), MID is 410°F (210°C), and HI is 446°F (230°C). The Precision of heating makes the vapor quality highly potent and very flavorful as the increased temperature setting from the customize vaping sessions will help you endure the best possible vaping sessions. The Battery for the Alfa Goboof is a lithium Ion battery that takes around 3.5 - 4 hours to fully charge which is the biggest flaw of this vaporizer. You will get 90 minutes of vaporization and once the battery has depleted, you charge it with an A/C wall adapter for 3 or 4 hours for the most optimal vaping experience for your next use, you want to make sure you always have a fully charged battery.

Alfa Goboof Performance
You will be loading around .3g of materials inside the Goboof herbal chamber. Make sure the herbs are finely ground when you load it to ensure the most even possible vaporization. When you have a fully packed herbal chamber you will get close to 15 draws if you take moderate pull pressure. Unlike other portable vaporizers with the Goboof, you don't need to fully charge the vaporizer since it has a heating pin in the middle, all herbs will be vaporized. There will be no herbs left unvaped. With the unique temperature settings you can set the dial to a custom vaping sessions. If you don't puff the Goboof while it is turned on within 10 minutes, the Goboof will go into auto-lock mode by detecting inactivity to preserve the battery life.

A stainless steel small vaporizer, the Goboof is one of the most unique vaporizers available and is small enough to easily fit inside your pocket without it cluttering up with other devices. With the 2 heating chamber, no herbs are left unvaped and you can fill your herbal chamber half way and vaporize the entire botanical area with the heating pin located in the middle of the heating chamber of the all ceramic glass area. The Goboof has some unique features to it as the A/T & A/P settings will give you a unique experience by giving you a 20 minutes session while increasing automatically the temperature in 7 degree Fahrenheit increments. The Alfa Goboof is a portable vaporizer to where you can have long vaping sessions without the interruption of the auto-shutoff feature. With the functionality and durability of this very small but sleek vaporizer, the Goboof may be a good option for you if you're a person that loves to travel while using a high-quality vaporizer.



Package Contents

  • 1 x Alfa Portable Vaporizer
  • 1 x US Charger with UK adapter
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty