Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are also commonly known as glass pipes. These compact and highly portable pipes are great for everyday smoking. They are called spoon pipes since they are shaped like spoons, as the stem is skinny, and the bowls widen at the base just like an ordinary spoon. The wide bowl on one end makes it simple to pack one's favorite herbs and enjoy a session anytime. Additionally, spoon pipes come in distinct styles and colors which makes them a popular collector’s item. There are many different designs which include units that look like seashells, devices with animal prints, and even several spoon pipes that glow in the dark. Stripes, solid colors and swirls are among the more ordinary designs.  

Smokers enjoy using spoon pipes because they are both beautiful and easy to use. These tiny pieces of art can be carried along anywhere and offer a pure smoking experience. They do not compromise the flavor of the herb material, and they are small enough to fit in one's pocket or purse. All of these factors should be considered prior to choosing the perfect spoon pipe.  

Keep reading to discover more about spoon pipes. 

How to Use a Spoon Pipe 

Once users get the hang of it, smoking out of a spoon pipe is really easy. However, it may be a confusing process to someone who has never seen spoon pipe before. Here are step by step instructions to follow when using a spoon pipe. 

  • Packing your Pipe 

First, it is important to fill the bowl with the desired herbs. For this, users will have to break down the herbs into smaller pieces via a grinder or simply break it up with their fingers. After breaking down the herb, all that's left to do is loading it into the pipe. Fill the pipe loosely to allow air circulation, as tightly packed bowls can begin to taste bad about halfway through due to built up ash. 

  • Hold the Carb 

Next to the bowl, there is a hole known as a carb. Cover the hole using a finger while holding the pipe. Ensure that the pipe is held in such a way that it's easy to take one's finger off the carb. 

  • Light the Bowl 

Inhale through the mouthpiece while lighting the bowl. There is a high chance of getting one's finger burnt if a user attempts to light the bowl without inhaling. If anything, start by inhaling then light the bowl. 

  • Release the Carb 

As users inhale, the pipe will be filled with smoke and to release this smoke, they will need to take your finger off the carb.  

Benefits of Using Spoon Pipes 

- They are extremely simple and practical to use 

- They are very easy to clean. 

- They come in different designs and colors. 

- They are small and highly portable; therefore, they can easily fit into a pocket allowing users to enjoy herbs on the go. 

Bottom Line 

Spoon pipes have numerous benefits over other smoking devices. They make smoking a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Whether you are traveling or sitting all day on your couch, a spoon pipe is the only companion you'll need. For users that want a personal touch, build your collection.  There are many differently shaped spoon pipes and colors that suit every kind of personality.