One Hitters

One Hitters are a great addition to any smoker’s collection, but if you are new to the dry herb scene, perhaps you have never heard of them. One Hitters are versatile, practical pipes that come in different fun styles and cater to consumers who prefer fast and small hits of their favorite herbs. Using a One Hitter to smoke can help control the amount of herbs, conserve your stash and it keeps sessions discreet, simple and clean. 

Read on to find out more about utilizing these convenient and portable pipes. 

What is a One Hitter? 

A One Hitter, also known as a bat or chillum, is a small pipe with a narrow bowl that is designed for a one hit use or a single inhalation. Usually, it holds approximately 25 milligrams of dry herbs for a single hit. These pipes tend to come in various materials such as glass, or metal. One Hitters are typically shaped like a straight tube with the mouthpiece on one side and a bowl on the other end. A One Hitter can either be used as a standalone or it may come as part of a set known as a dugout. Dugouts come with a space to hold the bat and  additional space for pre-ground dry herbs; this allows the user to twist the end of the One Hitter and place ground herbs for painless packing. These pipes have a wide variety of styles which range from cigarettes lookalikes for discretion to beautifully blown glass.  

How to Use a One Hitter 

Packing and storing a One Hitter is a surprisingly easy and simple thing to do when equipped with the right tools. While some consumers are happy to just push all the dry herbs right into the top of their One Hitter, it is recommended to acquire a grinder and grind the herbs before packing. By doing this, the herbs will burn more evenly which allows the user to get more mileage from the bud.  

Here are simple instructions on how to pack and smoke a one-hitter: 

  • Grind and Collect the Material 

Place the chamber grinder on top of an open container and gently rub in the bud on the surface of the grinder card. The ground herbs will fall through the holes of the grinder into the container.  

  • Pack Vertically 

Take the One Hitter and dip the bowl end into the container full of the dry herbs and twist. Users can also use their fingers or the grinder card to pack the herbs into the bowl. 

  • Light and Inhale 

Once the One Hitter is packed, slowly bring the flame towards the bowl and begin to inhale, drawing the flame into contact with the bud. 

  • Clear the Bowl 

After all the bud has been smoked, blow out the ash and use a poker to clear out the air-pathway.  

Benefits of Using a One Hitter 

Some smokers exclusively use One Hitters since they are convenient and simple for smoking on the go. 

  • They are Less Odorous 

A One Hitter produces less smell than other smoking methods since most of the smoke goes straight to the lungs.  

  • They are Discreet 

One Hitters are perfect for a discreet toke due to their slim profile which mimics the appearance of a cigarette. 

  • Easy to Use on the Go 

One Hitters are small and compact which makes them easy to transport everywhere. Users can stash them in their pocket or purse, and take a hit whenever they want. 

Bottom Line 

One Hitter pipes make smoking dry herbs anywhere, and anytime so easy. Grab your One Hitter pipe and go! They are more discreet than any other method of smoking which makes them the perfect choice for smokers who wish to remain inconspicuous.