Glass Bubblers

Most non-smokers have no idea what a glass bubbler is, and even the majority of smokers may have a hard time distinguishing bubblers from its sister products. Many newbies to the vaping industry often purchase these products simply because they have seen a friend using one or it seems cool to them. While you can get a great piece using such methods, it is always better to understand what your needs are and what the product offers before you make that investment. This article will give you a complete guide on everything you need to know about bubblers.

Benefits of Using Glass Bubblers

Glass Bubblers Fill the Middle Ground Between Bongs and Water Pipes

One of the benefits of using a glass bubbler is that they fill the middle ground between bongs and water pipes. These devices come with greater portability, and users can carry them anywhere without experiencing any inconvenience. However, consumers should be sure to handle them with care, especially the ones that feature delicate glass. Water pipes are also portable and can be considered more hardy. However, they do not produce the same filtered and creamy smoke  that is created by bubblers. 

Ornamental Aesthetic

Another good reason people purchase glass bubblers over other devices is that they are more aesthetically appealing. As much as they offer a great way of firing up some herbs, they are also visually stunning. This feature will make anyone proud to use it among their friends or to keep it as an ornamental display in their house.

Downsides of Glass Bubblers

They are not Easy to Clean

Probably one of the main disadvantages of a glass bubbler is that it isn’t as easy to clean as other devices, such as bongs. The main reason behind this problem is that bubblers are not built with one solid piece that can easily be taken out during cleaning. Also, they need to be cleaned pretty frequently so that they can produce quality hits.

Alternatives to Glass Bubblers

If you’re not sure glass bubblers are for you, here are some more options to consider:

Tips for Using a Glass Bubbler Pipe

There are quite a number of ways that users can utilize bubblers to suit their unique preference. As already mentioned above, never overfill the device with water. Overfilling it with water will only result in a reduction of the potency of the herb material. Also, always make sure to use a grinder on the vaping material so that the bowls can burn the material evenly. Additionally, it's a good idea to get a small safe travel case so that the bubbler can be enjoyed everywhere without risk of damage to the device.

Bottom Line

The majority of vape enthusiasts will love using glass bubblers due to the quality of smoke they produce. Apart from being milder, cooler and cleaner, the rips are just as potent as hits from bongs.  

Bubblers serve to cool down smoke and remove all the harmful toxins. All these features add up to a greater and enjoyable vaping experience for the user. And since they are a smaller version of the bong, they are also easier to use and more convenient to transport than a full-sized bong.  

Purchase a bubbler today and enjoy a great vaping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Glass Bubbler?

A glass bubbler is similar to a water bong in that they both use water to cool the smoke. However, a glass bubbler is closer in size (and sometimes shape) to a pipe. They cannot be taken apart for cleaning.

How does a glass bubbler work?

A glass bubbler uses water to cool smoke and produce a smoother, cleaner hit than one would achieve with other smoking methods like pipes or rolling paper.

How much water do you put in a glass bubbler?

Glass bubbler users tend to develop a water level preference over time. Generally, however, you want to put enough water in the bubbler to submerge the stem halfway.

How to clean a glass bubbler?

To clean a glass bubbler, prepare a pot of boiling water. Then, fully submerge the glass bubbler and shake it vigorously with tongs. Follow this up by filling the bubbler with isopropyl alcohol, shake vigorously, then repeat with plain water.

How to use a glass bubbler?

After filling your glass bubbler with water using the above recommendations, loosely pack the bowl with herbs. Hold the unit up to your mouth and light the bowl while covering any carb openings (if your bubbler has them) and inhaling slowly. Once the smoke reaches the mouthpiece, release the carbs and inhale deeply.

How to use a glass bubbler with detachable parts?

A glass bubbler with detachable parts will still have the same general function outlined above. The difference lies in the cleaning process. If your glass bubbler has detachable parts, disassemble it fully before using the cleaning instructions above.

What is currently the best glass pipe or bubbler on the market?

While it’s hard to say definitively which glass bubbler is the best, the ones on this page are among the best out there and will certainly serve you well.

What kind of glue do you use for glass on a bubbler?

Glass bubblers are cheap enough that you should consider simply replacing a broken unit. If you must, however, use Loctite Glass. It’s ideal for small cracks but, as with most other solutions, it does contain solvents that can be toxic.

How to get the smell out of glass bubbler?

For smells that aren’t as strong, run an isopropyl alcohol and salt mixture through the glass bubbler. Fill the bubbler entirely, then shake vigorously and empty the solution. Rinse with water.

For stronger smells, replace the isopropyl alcohol and salt mixture with one comprised of vinegar and baking soda.

Glass bubbler -- when to change?

You should change the water in your glass bubbler after each session. As for when to replace the glass bubbler itself, you could theoretically never do this as long as you clean the bubbler regularly. If it becomes dirty enough that you just can’t bother, that’s a good time to replace it.

Glass bubbler bowl -- how to scrape?

To scrape a glass bubbler bowl, use a bobby pin or paper clip.