Dab Oil Rigs

With all the hype about concentrates, it is becoming commonplace to own a dab oil rig. From new ways on how you can enjoy your waxes to the medical research on how the molecular structure of certain concentrates can improve your physical health, the potential of it all seems limitless. Concentrates are something that have recently come to the forefront of these discussions due to the rising demand. A large number of people enjoy consuming this type of material since it is both potent and exhilarating. If you have ever tried using concentrates before, then you have probably already come to the conclusion that dabbing is one of the best ways to do so. This article will take an in-depth look at everything that you need to learn about dab oil rigs.

What is Dabbing?

First things first, before we can dig deeper into the discussion about dab oil rigs, it is important that you first understand what dabbing is. Unlike intaking dry herbs, where one directly vaporizes the material, concentrates require a distinct approach known as dabbing. Dabbing is considered to be a very safe alternative of inhaling wax material, and it avoids combustion of the material. The process involves heating and inhalation of concentrates by taking dabs of the material. Just as the name suggests, concentrates are the most concentrated form of your favorite herbs. Dab oil rigs only require you to intake a minute amount of the concentrate in order to experience the strong psychoactive effects. Dabbing becomes steadily easier after you've done it a few times.

What is a Dab Oil Rig?

A dab oil rig is a special type of bong or smoking pipe that is used to smoke oils and concentrates. A standard dab rig is comprised of three different parts: a glass piece, a heating element also known as a nail and a torch lighter which is used to heat the nail.

How Does a Dab Oil Rig Work?

Dab oil rigs work slightly different from each other depending on the style of the concentrate rig that is chosen. However, all dab rigs work in a homogeneous manner, as they all incorporate a glass vapor slide, a recycler, a 90-degree joint, and a nail. A nail is the most important aspect of all these components. A nail can be made out of different materials which may include glass, quartz, or titanium. It will be up to you to choose the most favorable material dependent upon your specific needs.  

Glass tends to be pretty strong and it works great in dab oil rigs. These types are also pretty ambiguous because despite them working well initially, glass nails don’t last long since they are fragile and can break easily. With glass, you may be forced to replace them on a regular basis which can prove to be quite costly in the long run. Moreover, glass nails are not the best when it comes to retention of heat. This causes them to be a less than ideal option with some concentrates.

Similar to glass, ceramic nails can break very easily. Fortunately though, they hold heat a bit better, but overall in terms of quality, they are inferior. On the other hand, quartz nails are a decent option. Quartz nails are durable compared to both glass and ceramic material. However, the main downside is that quartz nails may hold the heat for too long. This is because they cool too fast at times. So quartz nails will heat your concentrates but not long enough to produce thick clouds of vapor.

Titanium is by far the most preferred material by serious dabbers. It is durable and it retains heat pretty well. The only minor downside is that there's a possibility heating the concentrate to a point where it burns it. Due to this reason, most dabbers like pairing a titanium nail with water diffusers to prevent such an occurrence.

Dab Oil Rig for Sale: Why Buy One?

There are several benefits of using a dab oil rig. Here's a list of some of them: 


Dab rigs always allow you to enjoy the best flavor out of your concentrates. This is because you can use a lower temperature which thereby produces a smoother flavor compared to other options such as a regular smoking. With this device, the taste will be maintained throughout your vaping session, thus giving you the best dabbing experience.  

No Harshness 

Another advantage of using a dab rig is that you will never experience harsh smoke while using the device. However, to achieve a smooth vapor, you will have to control the temperature and maintain it on the lower side. By doing so, you will avoid coughing fits and any form of discomfort. 


Using a dab oil rig to intake your concentrates will give you the classy experience that you deserve. Just like water pipes and other smoking devices, dab rigs are gorgeous works of art. They come in a variety of styles, and you can choose your ideal rig depending on your preference.  

Finding the Best Dab Rig for the Money

Like many glass pieces, a dab rigs are quite an investment, and you will want to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. For this reason, it is essential to choose a rig for dabs that suits your style, budget, use, and personality. Here are some few things to consider while choosing a dab rig. 

Go for a Small Mouthpiece 

When it comes to inhaling flowers, users often prefer a large mouthpiece because the idea is to take large hits. However, the same does not apply when it comes to dabbing. Most people who dab are strongly desiring to enjoy the best flavor that comes from their concentrate. Therefore, a small mouthpiece will allow you to truly appreciate the taste of the pure vapor.


Choose a dab rig according to your style. The amount of work put into making the oil rigs is pretty amazing. There are different styles available and each one of them has a very aesthetic appeal. So pick a device that you will love staring at, using and proudly displaying in your home.  

The Nail is an Important Aspect to Consider 

Your nail compared to any other component will have to undergo the most abuse, as it is heated, reheated and it will have to time and again be removed and replaced. For this reason, the majority of users prefer a titanium nail as opposed to glass or ceramic.  

Bottom Line 

There you have it! You've learned all that you need to know about the dab oil rig. At this point, we hope any confusion that you had about dab rigs and their operation is now gone. Use the information provided in this article to get the best experience out of your dabbing sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to smoke dab without oil rig?

The process is much more finicky than simply getting a dab oil rig, but here are the steps. You’ll need one of the other smoking apparatuses, such as:

Pack the bowl of the smoking apparatus half-full with your dried herbs. Then, place a dab of wax on the herbs and fill the rest of the bowl.

How does a recycler dab oil rig work?

A recycler dab oil rig has a second chamber that prevents splashback and produces smoother hits via additional filtration of the smoke.

How to reclaim oil from an oil rig for dabs?

The phrase ‘reclaim’ refers to residue that builds up in your dab oil rig. To remove this, get a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and use the following steps.

First, pour as much water from the dab oil rig as possible. Do not pour out any of the reclaim. Once the water is out, proceed by filling your dab oil rig with alcohol. Next, leave this to sit for at least ten minutes, then cover the holes in your rig and shake vigorously. This will dissolve the reclaim.

After this, empty your dab oil rig (reclaim, alcohol, and all) into a glass container. After about a day, the alcohol will evaporate and leave you with just the reclaim. You can scrape it out and store it for future use.

How to season dab oil rig?

Seasoning oil rigs for wax involves treating the nail to prevent chemicals or residue from dirtying up your hits and giving them a metallic taste.

Heat your nail with a torch until it’s red hot, then put a small amount of oil on it. Once it cools, repeat the process five times.

What kind of oil do you use on dab rigs to seal titanium?

To season a titanium nail, simply use dabs.

How does oil get to the top of dab rigs?

Oil is less dense than water; place the two together and oil will naturally make its way to the top.