There are a multitude of ways that users can enjoy their herbs when it comes to smoking. One can choose to use pipes, bongs and various, other gadgets available in the market today. However, there is one smoking device that has been steadily increasing in notoriety due to its effectiveness: the chillum. Although this device has been used for many decades, not many people knew about it until it recently gained popularity in 2018. Today, we will be discussing more about chillums so that you can be a notch higher when it comes to being informed about the world of smoking. 

What is Chillum? 

The chillum is a smoking pipe that assumes a conical shape. The pipe was traditionally used for smoking both opium and cannabis. Nobody really knows the exact origin of these devices. However, it is reported that they were traditionally used back in the 18th century by the Hindu Monks and the holy men of India. The fact that holy men originally used this device leaves some cannabis users believing it is spiritual experience to smoke cannabis using a chillum. This device is becoming increasingly trendy to use in today's society. Many newbies are known to try it before they ultimately decide on which device they will use on a regular basis.  

At first glance, many users may feel there is nothing very remarkable about the device. However, a chillum offers a truly enjoyable and unique smoking experience. Its shape actually offers several benefits over the regular pipes and bowls. Users are able to pull more smoke, and the shape makes it cool very quickly. Therefore, this allows for a smoother and harder-hitting vaping session. Generally, chillums are smaller pieces, and they will have to  be cleaned more than regular pipes. Also, take note that chillums can hold more cannabis compared to regular pipes. 

What are Chillums Made of? 

Chillums can come in the form of clay, stone, wood or glass. Traditionally, these devices were made of clay, however, it is quite difficult to find clay constructs these days. The material that a chillum is made of has less to do with functionality, and is more related with the cost. Also, some material tends to be more decorative compared to others. When purchasing a unit, make sure to purchase a chillum built with the material of your preference.   

How do you use a Chillum? 

Many people would be tempted to use a chillum in the same manner that they would use a water pipe. Some will may make the mistake of hitting hard and continuously. However, this is not the right way. The real way of using a chillum is to take draws with the use of your hand. This may sound confusing initially, but it is not as hard as one may think. The idea is that users make a fist with their thumb outside, and then put the small side of the chillum in between the ring finger and the small finger. Users can then light the chillum, and make a hole between their thumb and first finger, and enjoy their draws from there. Basically, the idea is to essentially turn one's hand into a bong. This is not the only method to use the device, but it is the surest way to get started if you are a newbie.  

The Benefits of using a Chillum 

There are numerous benefits that comes from using a chillum that users can't get from another device. Here are some of them:  

  • Chillums are good for Group Sessions.  

If a user has a well-constructed chillum and the herbs are dry enough, the vaping material will stay lit throughout the entire session. This makes it ideal for passing around in a group.  

  • They are incredibly Discreet 

It is impossible to come across a more discreet device than the chillum. Their stealthiness makes them convenient to travel with where-ever. Users can also comfortably and quietly store them due to their small size.  

  • They are Easy to Pack 

Take the herb, grind it so that it's finely ground and then simply press the bowl into the mound and it will pack inside. The chillum is that simple to pack. 

  • They are Affordable 

If a customer needs a great smoking device and they are operating on a budget, then this will be the perfect option. Luckily, purchasing a chillum is one of the few instances where low price does not negate quality.  

Bottom Line 

There you have it; this guide should have answered some of the questions you had about chillums. Now that you realize how incredible these devices are, you can fearlessly take the leap and order one for yourself. The kind of smoking experience you will get from chillum will be awe-inspiring, and affirm that you are making a good investment. Pick the type that you want according to your unique preference, and begin enjoying.