Most non-smokers have no idea what a bubbler is, and even the majority of smokers may have a hard time distinguishing bubblers from its sister products, such as water pipes and bongs. Many newbies to the vaping industry often purchase these products simply because they have seen a friend using one or it seems cool to them. While you can get a great piece using such methods, it is always better to understand what your needs are and what the product offers before you make that investment. This article will give you a complete guide on everything you need to know about bubblers. 

What are Bubblers?  

Bubblers are a type of water pipe, and they fall in the same category as the famous and widely recognized device, the bong. However, bubblers are quite different in many ways and they have their own unique set of advantages that one cannot attain while using a bong. These products are a smaller variation of bongs and do not provide the big rips associated with bongs. Bubblers are considerably more portable and can be used on the go, as they can easily be slipped into one’s pocket. 

Just like the common bong, bubblers also feature a mouthpiece, a bowl, a stem, and a chamber that holds water which allows smoke to pass through it. This process allows smoke to cool and thus contributes to a delicious, smooth hit. These devices come in a myriad of different styles, colors, and patterns and consumers can choose a device according to their unique preferences. Some bubblers even feature an additional water chamber that helps to cool the hits further.  

How Do Bubblers Work? 

Bubblers utilize a lot of the same components that made bongs popular among users. They feature a water filter, as well as a percolator, which both help in cooling the smoke and producing cooler hits. Bubblers offer these same benefits, but in a smaller and more convenient package. They all function with a percolation system just like how it is with glass water pipes. This system helps in filtering the smoke, and diffusing it as well in order to cleanse it so users can have more potent and enjoyable vaping sessions. The combination of the percolation system with the water chamber allows for a vaping experience that is hard to beat when it comes to quality and versatility.  

Bubblers have many great qualities that enhance their portability, as well as ease of use, compared to the traditional bong. They have the convenience of being handheld. This makes make them easy to carry on the go without the fear that they might break. Bubblers also have built-in bowls. This feature gives consumers the convenience of placing the vaping material effortlessly. Different bubblers will have different size bowls. Some even allow for the control the airflow so that users can get their hit exactly the way they want it. 

How Much Water Do You Put in a Bubbler? 

It is important to ensure that the smoke passes through all the water chambers when filling any kind of water pipe with water. If the piece that is being used has a percolator, then ensure that the water is filled in all the layers. Make sure not to overfill the chamber with water, though; otherwise, the potency of the hits will be lost, and this will be a waste of the herbs.  

Tips for Using a Bubbler 

There are quite a number of ways that users can utilize bubblers to suit their unique preference. As already mentioned above, never overfill the device with water. Overfilling it with water will only result in a reduction of the potency of the herb material. Also, always make sure to use a grinder on the vaping material so that the bowls can burn the material evenly. Additionally, it's a good idea to get a small safe travel case so that the bubbler can be enjoyed everywhere without risk of damage to the device. 

Benefits of using a bubbler 

  • Bubblers fill the Middle Ground Between Bongs and Water Piper 

One of the benefits of using a bubbler is that they fill the middle ground between bongs and water pipes. These devices come with greater portability, and users can carry them anywhere without experiencing any inconvenience. However, consumers should be sure to handle them with care, especially the ones that feature delicate glass. Water pipes are also portable and can be considered more hardy. However, they do not produce the same filtered and creamy smoke  that is created by bubblers.  

  • Ornamental Aesthetic 

Another good reason why people purchase bubblers over other devices is that they are more aesthetically appealing. As much as they offer a great way of firing up some herbs, they are also visually stunning. This feature will make anyone proud to use it among their friends or to keep it as an ornamental display in their house.  


  • They are not Easy to Clean 

Probably one of the main disadvantages of these devices is that they aren't as easy to clean as other devices such as bong. The main reason behind this problem is that bubblers are not built with one solid piece that can easily be taken out during cleaning. Also, they need to be cleaned pretty frequently so that they can produce quality hits.  

Bottom Line 

The majority of vape enthusiasts will love using bubblers due to the quality of smoke they produce. Apart from being milder, cooler and cleaner, the rips are just as potent as hits from bongs.  

Bubblers serve to cool down smoke and remove all the harmful toxins. All these features add up to a greater and enjoyable vaping experience for the user. And since they are a smaller version of the bong, they are also easier to use and more convenient to transport compared a full-sized bong.  

Purchase a bubbler today and enjoy a great vaping experience!