Bongs & Water Pipes

Water Bongs also known as glass water pipes are one of the most well-known and classic ways of consuming dry herbs. Smoking from a water pipe is by far one of the best methods to inhale smoke for a number of reasons. It is one of the cleanest, smoothest and healthiest ways to smoke dry herbs or any other product. However, before you can accrue all the benefits that come with using a water pipe, there are some things you should know. Below is everything that you require to know regarding water bongs.

Benefits of Using Glass Water Pipes & Bongs

- Glass Water Pipe

There are so many advantages that draw people to use water bong, but the main one is its ability to filter and cool smoke through water. This helps in offering smooth draw even when you inhale a large amount of smoke.

- Newcomer friendly

The Glass Water Pipes & Bongs is somewhat easier for the newcomers to use. It produces smooth bubbles during inhalation compared to the ones produced by an average cigar, thus making it smoother to the throat. Taking breaths that are shallower for shorter periods can assist a newcomer ease into the experience of using a water pipe for the first time.

- Suitable for casual use

Water pipes lower the chances of acquiring some diseases such as lung cancer by filtering some carcinogens per inhalation. However, it does drive smoke faster and deeper into the lungs. So the toxins that are inhaled from a single hit of cigarette are more than the one inhaled using the water bong.

Parts of a Water Bong

Glass water pipes are simple but also sophisticated devices. They have some few parts that work together to give you an amazing experience. For you to accrue the best out of this device, it is important you know something small about its parts and how they work.

- Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is a small opening at the end of the tube where you place your mouth. While using the mouthpiece, place your lips inside the mouthpiece, not over it. Mouthpieces come in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes, so as to get the best out of your device it is best if you pay close attention to its size and shape.

- Chamber

The chamber is the part where the smoke accumulates so as to be inhaled. As most additional chambers are normally filled with water, they are also going to help in the filtration of debris and other nasty particles.

- Bowl

The bowl is the bulbous attachment where you load your concentrates and get combusted. It is sometimes called slide since you can be able to remove it from the downslide, allowing it to function as a pull or slide carburetor.

- Ash Catcher

Ash catcher is the part that you attach to your water bong. It does not only act as an extra advantage but also helps in catching the ashes from the bowl.

What Exactly Does The Water Do?

Most people love smoking from water pipes because of the mesmerizing, awesome noise that the water makes as the smoke passes through. But what is the exact function of this water and why is it incorporated in all water bongs? Well, when you are using this device to smoke, the smoke that is ignited is normally very hot, so if you are using roll up, then you will be inhaling the dangerous hot smoke. The water pipe passes your smoke through water so as to cool it down, making it much smoother, tastier and less harmful. Also as mentioned above, the water helps in filtering any toxic substance from the smoke.

Choosing The Best Glass Water Pipes & Bongs

As much as all water pipes perform the same function in almost a similar way, there are some few things you should be on the watch out while making a purchase. One of them is the dimension of the tube. It is best to go for a thin and long tube for cooler better hits. As the general rule of the thumb, don’t go for anything smaller than six inches tall. Anything that is taller than this will be harder to clean, harder to store and your hits will not be that smoother.

Bottom Line

Finally, remember that using a water bong there are two things above all that you should put into consideration. Use a pipe that best suits your need, and if you regulate your water pipe properly, you are going to accrue a myriad of health benefits compared to other smoking methods. Water pipes are more aesthetically friendly, and accessible smoking alternative and cheaper.