Glass Water Bongs & Pipes

The water bong, also known as a glass water pipe, is the classic method of consuming dry herb material. Smoking from glass water pipes is by far one of the best ways to inhale smoke for a number of reasons. Glass water pipes are one of the cleanest, smoothest, and healthiest ways to smoke dry herbs due to the method’s use of water filtration.

However,  before you can accrue all the benefits that come with using a water pipe, there are several things you should know. Below is everything that users should be aware of regarding water bongs.

Benefits of Using Glass Water Pipes/Water Bongs

Cleaner Smoking Experience

There are a variety of advantages that entice people to use a water pipe/bong, but the main one is the glass water pipe’s ability to filter and cool smoke through water. This filtration assists in offering smooth draws even when inhaling a large amount of smoke.

Newcomer Friendly

A glass water bong is somewhat easier for newcomers to adjust to using. These devices use smooth, water bubbles during inhalation which provides a soothing sensation to the throat. Where as compared to smoking a standard cigar, users may find the harsh, hot smoke irritating. Taking breaths that are shallower for shorter periods should also ease new users into the experience of using a water pipe for the first time.

Suitable for Casual Use

A glass water pipe lessens the chances of acquiring pulmonary diseases such as lung cancer by filtering some carcinogens per inhalation. The water filtration also decreases the levels of tar and ash that will be entering the lungs. Therefore, the toxins that are inhaled from a single hit of cigarette are much greater than the carcinogens inhaled using the water bong.

Parts of a Water Bong

Glass water pipes are simple yet highly sophisticated devices. They have just a few parts that work together to give users an amazing experience. In order to receive the best experience out of this device, it is important to know the basics about its parts and how they function.


The mouthpiece is a small opening at the end of the water bong where you will inhale from. While using the mouthpiece, make sure to firmly seal your lips around it so no smoke is lost. Mouthpieces come in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes which will have an affect on user experience.


The chamber is the part of the water bong where the smoke accumulates to be inhaled. As most additional chambers are normally filled with water, they are also going to help in the filtration of debris and other nasty particles.


The bowl is the bulbous attachment on the water bong where you load your herbs and/or concentrates to be combusted. It is sometimes called the slide, as users are able to remove it from the down-slide, allowing it to function as a pull or slide carburetor.

Ash Catcher

The Ash catcher is the part that is attached to the water bong. The primary advantage of this part is that it aids in catching any stray ashes from the bowl.

Choosing The Best Glass Water Pipes & Bongs

Although, the majority of water pipes perform the same function in a similar manner, there are some few things you should watch out for prior to making a purchase. One of them is the dimension of the tube. It is recommended to choose a thin and long tube for cooler, better hits. As a general rule of thumb, never select anything smaller than six inches in height. Tubes that are taller than this size will be harder to clean, more difficult to store and the hits will not be as smooth.

Alternatives to Glass Water Pipes & Bongs

If you’re not sure a bong is right for you, here are some similar alternatives:

Bottom Line

In summary, a glass water pipe will always be a better choice than any traditional smoking method. The tricky part is finding the perfect bong since most are well-crafted. Take your time in the search process, and find a pipe that best suits your needs. Water bong users are going to accrue a myriad of health benefits compared to other smoking methods. Ultimately, water pipes are more aesthetically friendly, and healthier to use and cheaper in regards to long term savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the water in a water bong do?

Traditional smoking methods can be problematic; the smoke that is ignited is normally very hot, so if users are using a roll up, then they will be inhaling the dangerous hot smoke. The water pipe eliminates this issue, as it passes the smoke through water to cool it down, which makes it much smoother, tastier and less harmful. Also as previously mentioned, the best benefit of the water is the filtering away of several toxic substances associated with the smoke.

How to make a water bottle bong?

Water bottle bongs are not considered safe; the heat will produce plastic vapors that you’ll end up inhaling. You’re much better off buying a cheap water bong.

How much water do you put in a bong?

Generally speaking, you’ll want to fill the bong enough that the water covers the bottom portion of the stem (the part that extends into the chamber). Over time, you’ll develop your own preference for the amount of water to place in the bong.

How to use a water bong?

Follow these steps to use a water bong:

  1. Fill the bong with water based on the above recommendations. If the bong has percolators, fill those as well.

  2. Loosely pack the bowl of your water bong with herbs. Be sure to remove the bowl to avoid knocking the entire apparatus over.

  3. Return the bowl to the downstem.

  4. Hold the bong with your non-dominant hand. Rest its bottom on a flat surface.

  5. Place your lips inside the opening of the bong to form a seal.

  6. While inhaling, hold your lighter to the edge of the bowl.

  7. Once the bowl has ignited, remove your lighter but keep inhaling slowly.

  8. When the smoke fills the chamber and reaches your mouth, remove the bowl and inhale with a deep breath.

  9. Exhale whenever you are ready; you don’t need to hold the smoke in your lungs for very long.

How does a water bong work?

A water bong uses water (surprise, surprise) to filter the smoke and produce a cooler, smoother hit.

How to clean a water bong?

As with anything, prevention is key; reduce buildup in your water bong by replacing the water after each smoking session. 

For a more thorough cleaning, dismantle the water bong as much as possible (remove the bowl, etc) and soak each component, including the main pipe, with isopropyl alcohol.

How often to change bong water?

Change your bong water after each session; the water builds up toxins over time and can make your water bong dirty.

What happens when you drink bong water?

No, it won’t make you high. You’ll just be ingesting all of the toxins that the water collected -- and it’ll taste really bad. You may even become sick or vomit.

How to get bong water out of carpet?

Begin by scraping up any bits of resin that may have landed on the carpet with the water. Blot the bong water with a towel and some pressure. Next, place some white vinegar in a spray bottle and coat the affected area of the carpet to combat the odor.

Sprinkle baking soda on the area, leave it for a few hours, then vacuum. If the smell still isn’t gone, repeat these steps.

Why is there water in a bong?

The water acts to filter the smoke and cool it, producing a smoother, cleaner hit.

Why does bong water smell so bad?

Bong water contains toxins, resins, and particles. It will smell especially bad if you leave it in your water bong for extended periods.