G Pen Roam Vaporizer

Grenco Science

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-          Capable of Vaping Concentrates

-          Full Quart Tanks

-          LED Display

-          Max Cleaning Mode

-          Rechargeable 1300 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

-          Durable Aluminum Shell

-          Removable Silicone Mouthpiece

-          600 to 800 Fahrenheit temperature range

-          Enclosed Glass Hydro-Tube

-          Rapid Charging with Pass-Through Technology

One of the easiest ways to dab while enjoying your concentrates, especially when you are on the go, is by using a smart rig. Tabletop rigs are awesome if you’re dabbing at home. However, most people would like to do it on the go, and there is no better way of doing so than to use a portable concentrate vaporizer.

There are quite a number of brands when it comes to portable dab rigs that one can use to enjoy their concentrates. However, the G Pen Roam is one of the biggest names in portable dab rigs. It comes in different styles as well as designs. The new G Pen Roam has quickly gained recognition among most dab enthusiasts due to its smaller average design, sleek aesthetic, and incredible vapor quality. Here is a brief overview of what the G Pen Roam has to offer.

-          Manufacturing Quality

The G Pen Roam comes with some amazing manufacturing quality. First, the device is built using an aluminum alloy shell that feels nice in hand and is durable. Also, the device is built in a sturdy way and can stand without facing the risk of tipping over. Therefore, you don’t have to stress every time you put your device down. The logo located on the side of the device light whenever you turn on the device, making it look slick. The manufacturing company has also completely protected the quartz coil. This helps in keeping your fingers away from the heating element. This unit is also made in a way that the housing can slide out of the device, making it easy when cleaning.

-          Water Filtration

One feature that makes the G Pen Roam stand out from all the other dab rigs is the innovation applied in the water filtration system. Some e-rigs do not use water at all, and when they do, the user will need to apply extra caution not to damage the electronic components with spills. With this device, the company applied a fully self-contained borosilicate glass tube that is spill-proof. You will be able to achieve an amazing vapor quality with only a few millimeters of water.

-          Portability

The G Pen Roam comes with a packaging case that makes traveling with this device quite easy. The case is made of pure hemp, which certainly feels nice on touch. It also has a small size making it comfortable to carry on the go. This unit is far much portable than any other e-nails in the market at the moment.

-          Heating

With this unit, you don’t have to wait for heating and cooling cycles like it is the case with a tabletop dab rig. The G Pen Roam only takes a few seconds to heat up and will vibrate or give you a thumbs up once it is done. You can also choose temperature settings depending on your preferences. The temperature settings range from 600 to 800 Fahrenheit. However, when you are in a hurry, you can simply use one of the preset settings.

Buying the G Pen Roam

If you have been looking to start dabbing, the G Pen Roam is a great device to get you started. The price that this dab rig is going for is well worth it when you take into consideration all that it has to offer. It is one of the only brands to figure out how to solve the spill off the problem and is also amongst the smallest dab rigs there is. You can also simply use it on the go. If you need to get the ultimate feeling while enjoying your concentrates, order your device today!


-          1 x G Pen Roam Quartz Tanks

-          1 x G Pen Roam Battery

-          1 x G Pen Roam Tool

-          1 x G Pen Roam Glass Tube

-          1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

-          1 x G Pen Roam Mouthpiece