G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

Grenco Science




  • Wax/Dap Pen/ Vaporizer for Concentrates
  • Classy and Appealing Design
  • Ceramic Plate Heater
  • Zero Burnt Taste
  • Optimal Vaporization
  • Distinct and Intelligent Power Output
  • 850 mAh Micro + Original lithium-Ion Battery
  • Isolated Internal Ceramic Air Path
  • Safe Mouthpiece made out of Food-Grade Material Silicone- Sleeve
  • Guarantees no Overheating
  • Cartridge Recognition Technology
  • Easy to Clean and Use

Grenco Science is a well-known U.S based company for creating stylish, mid-range vaping devices. They have manufactured some of the best performing devices in the market, such as the e-rig G-Pen Connect and G-Pen Roam. The G Pen Micro+ is one of their latest devices that comes with a 520 thread. This device is comprised of three different pieces: the 850 mAH battery, the mouthpiece, and the micro+ tank.

The device has a great build quality and is very portable. It has quartz coils that help in the maximization of flavor. It also features a ceramic lining that aids in consistent heat application.

The G Pen Micro+ is affordable and offers some amazing features. Purchase your unit today and start enjoying your vaping sessions.


  • 1 x G Pen Micro+ Battery
  • 1 x USB – C Charging Cable
  • 1 x G Pen Micro+ Tank
  • 1 x Hemp Travel Case
  • 1 x Mouthpiece Assembly

Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility – Wax/ Concentrates
  • Color – Black
  • Heat-up Time – 10 Seconds
  • Voltage – 2.5 V, 2.75 V, 3.0 V
  • Weight – 0.6 lbs