G Pen Connect Vaporizer

Grenco Science

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The G Pen Connect is Grenco Science's latest addition to their large collection of dry herb, concentrate and liquid products. This revolutionary E-rig allows users to ditch the torch and enjoy a one of a kind, innovative vaping experience. The G Pen Connect boasts patented reverse airflow tech combined with a fully ceramic heating chamber for dense and delicious cloud production. The unit also touts a spring loaded carb release button, and compatibility with all water pieces. The box is loaded with a 14mm glass to glass attachment but can be used with 10mm and 18mm as well.

What's inside the box:

  • G Pen Connect
  • 14 mm male glass adapter
  • 850 mAh battery
  • Micro USB charger
  • Hard-case zipper pouch

Temperature Control and Modes

The G Pen Connect features three different color-coded temperature settings. Blue is 3.1 volts, green is 3.6 volts and the highest setting is red, 4.1 volts. Variable voltage control is always an optimal feature to have and additionally there is an extended-draw mode so users have complete control over their sessions.

Quick Connects and Intuitive Usage

The G-Pen utilizes a magnetic, snap in connection for its 850 mAh battery for rapid set-up. It's also one of the most effortless devices to use as five clicks of a button turn the unit on and three clicks allows users to toggle through temperature settings.