G Pen Connect Review

Released in 2019, the G Pen Connect is now one of the “hottest” vaporizers in the dabbing community. Made by California-based Grenco Science, this tiny heating device was primarily designed to replace the need for blowtorches and nails. Whatever glass-on-glass equipment you’re using, the G Pen Connect will transform your water piece into a powerful e-rig.

If you’re on the fence about whether to purchase the G Pen Connect, check out our review below. In this post, we’ll go over all of the G Pen Connect’s key specs so you can make an informed decision. 

Vapor Quality

The G Pen Connect boasts high-quality vapor production mainly due to the company’s unique reverse airflow technology. It also helps that G Pen Connect’s heating chamber is made with high-quality ceramic. 

This ceramic material helps create a smooth hit without sacrificing the complex terpene profile. Plus, with three temperature control settings to choose from, it’s very easy to find the perfect vapor production for your tastes.    


Despite the G Pen Connect’s power, it’s a surprisingly small device. In fact, you could easily fit the entire G Pen Connect in the palm of your hand. Its discreet size has made the G Pen Connect a favorite among many “high flying” frequent flyers.  

For enhanced transportability, anyone who purchases the device will receive an eco-friendly hemp travel pouch. While this case isn’t super solid, it does the trick and will keep a small vial of concentrate and the G Pen Connect pieces safe.


Build Quality

With its sleek matte black metal design, the G Pen Connect has a high-quality build that’s easy on the eyes. The device doesn’t feel “cheap” in their hands like many other plastic-based vaporizers. Judging by its size alone, you might be surprised just how heavy the G Pen Connect’s battery feels in your hands! In any case, it will fit nicely with most female-jointed glass dab rigs


When you first open your G Pen Connect, you’ll find the bowl and heating element are attached, and the battery is separate. When you’re ready to use this product, all you have to do is connect them using the built-in magnet. The package also contains a 14mm male glass adapter, so if you’re using a larger device you will need to purchase the 18mm adapter separately.


Battery Life

The battery inside the G Pen Connect has a power of 850 mAh. Since this device can be used at different temperature settings, it’s hard to give an estimate for how long it will last for you. Grenco Science recommends dabbers re-charge their battery before every usage, however it all depends on how heavily you use it.

To recharge your battery, use the provided charging cord and micro USB port on the battery. Once you plug in your G Pen Connect battery, you should notice a red “G” symbol light up. This “G” will change to green when the battery is fully charged. Whenever your battery is running low on juice, it will automatically blink red eight times. 

Temperature Control

People who use the G Pen Connect can choose from three temperature settings: low, medium, and high. You can tell which setting your G Pen Connect is on by looking at the color of the “G” LED light.

The low-end 3.2V power setting corresponds with the color blue. Those who want the medium setting (3.6V) should select the green “G” light. People who want maximum temperature, however, must set their G Pen Connect to the red setting for the full 4.1V of power.

On top of these temperature control settings, the G Pen Connect has an “extended draw mode option.” To activate this mode, all you have to do is click the power button twice and wait for the “G” to turn solid. The heating element will remain at full temp for about 10 seconds. Just be careful not to overdo it if you’re not familiar with the potency of concentrates!

Heat-up Time

G Pen Connect promises to heat to your desired temperature setting within only five seconds. Those who use the “extended draw mode” will experience full results within about 10 seconds.


Ease of Use

While it might take a while to get the hang of using your G Pen Connect, most users don’t have any issues once they learn the button system. So long as your G Pen Connect is fully charged, all you have to do is click the power button five times to turn it on. If your device is on, you should see the “G” LED light blink three times.

After your device is on, you can choose the temperature setting you want by clicking the power button three times. Look at the “G” LED light for the blue, green, or red color. Each of these indicates the three different voltage settings (low, medium, and high).  

In addition to its ease of use, the G Pen Connect is very easy to clean. This device has a built-in spring-loaded carb release button to clear the chamber instantly. 

Who Is It Best For?

Dabbers who are always on the move can’t ask for a better dabbing device. Not only is the G Pen Connect super portable, but it’s also fast-acting, easy to clean, and extremely safe. You could easily store one of these devices in your luggage or bring it over a friend’s house for a dank session.


The G Pen Connect is undoubtedly a premium, high-end product and this is reflected by its price point. However, it offers quite a lot of value for those who want to improve their dabbing experience. Currently, the device is available on our Vaporizer Chief for $150, including free shipping in the USA. If you are searching for a no-frills replacement for traditional dab nails, the G Pen Connect is a solid choice.