Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System


Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System
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 -          Variable Voltage Vaporizer Battery: 4.0 V (green), 3.8 V (purple), 3.6 V (yellow), 3.4 V (blue)

-          Works with 510 thread cartridges

-          Auto-Draw Activation

-          400 mAh Output Battery

-          Fully Closed Chamber when not in Use

The Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System is a new amazing way that you can enjoy concentrate cartridges. The unit is equipped with a 400mAh battery making it a perfect device to use on the go. The power can take you several sessions without the need to recharge it. The device also has four different temperature settings you can choose from, 4.0 V being the default setting. This means you can enjoy your cartridges, oil, and liquids exactly the way you want.

The Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System is a relatively small device that can easily fit in the pocket. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about carrying it around since it will not weigh you down.

How to Use Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System

On the side of the control, there is a release button. Press the button to open the chamber. Insert your cartridge of about half to full gram and then close the lid. The default temperature setting is 4.0 V denoted by a green light. If you would like to change the temperature, open the lid, and remove your cartridges, set your desired temperature setting, insert the cartridge back into the chamber and enjoy.

Buying Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System

The Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System is a discreet and streamlined way you can enjoy your cartridges. Therefore, if you are looking to have an incredible vaping experience, this is the device to buy. Order your unit today!


-          1 x Flylab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System

-          1 x Cartridge

-          1 x Charging Cable

Technical Specifications

-          Material Compatibility:   510 Cartridges, Oil and Liquid

-          Brand:                                 Flylab

-          Vaporizer Type:                 510 Thread