FireFly 2 Vaporizer


firefly 2 vaporizer red


Newest vaporizer to come out the FireFly 2 is one of the top rated portable vaporizers already. The Superb vaporizer delivers amazing heat concentration for it to be able to clearly vaporize your herbs and concentrates making it the best loose-leaf portable vaporizer in the world. The FireFly 2 is a smart vaporizer with touch sensors to turn on the heating, blue-tooth technology allowing you to sync your smart-phone using the Firefly app to power and remotely control the entire vaporizer. The new Firefly 2 vaporizer uses complete dynamic convection vaporization technology only heating your materials when you inhale, therefor no heat is ever burning away the botanical inside the heating chamber wasting unwanted vaporization.

The FireFly 2 Design
The amazing design of the FireFly 2 is the best type of design with quality materials made out of such a perfect vaporizer, there's no other vaporizer with the type of design the Firefly 2 has, it is a quality build and unlike others, has some of the best new technology involved in the FireFly 2 Design. The FireFly 2 is 33% smaller and 55% lighter than its original predecessor, the FireFly. It is an amazing portable vaporizer, no other vaporizers can match all the features, it makes for a perfect vaporization when you're buying a new vaporizer for sale. The FireFly 2 is made out of quality stainless steel body and a magnesium alloy body, which is an anti-scratch resistant and heat resistant layer on top of that. It has no problems whatsoever when you're basing it off from the elegant and modern design. The FireFly 2 is a premium built vaporizer and one of the best designed vaporizers in the world. The FireFly 2 has over 55 hole patterns to give it the turbo-air-intake heating which will transfer the precise heat evenly and give you great draw resistance to taking deep and powerful, thick pulls when inhaling. Just the look and feel is of high-quality which is why this premium portable herbal vaporizer has a thick cost.

Smart Technology
The FireFly 2 is without a doubt a very smart vaporizer, it has the capabilities of utilizing the app online to remotely connect from your smart phone to being able to remotely connect to the blue-tooth synchronization where you can power so much optimal settings for the FireFly 2 vaporizer.

Blue-Tooth Technology
There's an application you can download with all Apple and Android based phone as the FireFly 2 can remotely connect from the smart-phone to the vaporizer via Blue-Tooth connection making it a very versatile vaporizer to function with optimal settings, battery management and vaporization management and performance. The Firefly 2 has 5 temperature settings for dry herb 340, 360, 380, 400, 420 Fahrenheit (171, 182, 193, 204, 215 Celcius) and one setting for concentrates 500F or 260C. Firefly Vapor has said having the application will allow them to add new features in the future.


FireFly 2 Heating & Temperature Settings
The FireFly 2 uses a powerful 50 watts of heating and uses borosilicate glass bowl to provide the perfect glass-on-glass vaporization path. No metals are ever exposed with the herbal chamber to alter the taste on you. The FireFly 2 can reach temperature of over 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 3 seconds and 420 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 seconds. The quality glass allows very minimal heat to absorb to make the glass very cool as this benefit in the glass area makes it conserve more energy and produce less combustion. With those quality herbal vaping temperatures, the FireFly also has the power to dab with using dabber settings which it can reach dabbing temperatures of over 500 degrees which will take 9 seconds to reach that level. The reason why the FireFly is so effective is the fact it doesn't heat or burn the herbs while not inhaling. The only time heat is transfered to the herbal chamber is when you inhale. The smart technology knows when you're inhaling and will deliver the heat you specified to set it to. The FireFly's LED light will display while the vaporizer is powered on getting to the heating level you set it at. It is an amazing portable vaporizer that will evenly vape your herbs with no problems.

Buying The FireFly 2
Overall when it comes down to buying the FireFly 2, it may seem like it is an expensive unit. When you look at all the features and things it can do like the magnetic snap-on technology, the charging dock with the fact everything is easier to connect. The Large and deep herbal chamber and the instant heating process with a strong 50 watts of electricity being powered through the borosilicate glass that doesn't carry or absorb any heat and the heating can reach levels of over 500 degrees Fahrenheit in under 9 seconds while only delivering the heating once the vaporizer is being inhaled. The fact that it is a smart vaporizer with blue-tooth technology makes it an even better vaporizer to buy when you can control all the optimal metrics remotely from the smart phone to your FireFly 2. The FireFly 2 is by far one of the best rated vaporizers in the world and every vapor enthusiast should own the FireFly 2.