Famous Brandz Strawberry Water Pipe

Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz Strawberry Water Pipe Bong For Sale
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- Compact Build

- Borosilicate Glass

- Travel-Friendly

- 14 mm Male Bowl

The Famous Brandz Strawberry Water Pipe is one of the compact pieces in the line of Cheech & Chong in Smoke water pipes. The beaker style dry herb pipe is made of 100% borosilicate glass that helps it preserve the true aromas and flavors of your dry herb strains. The device is only 7 inches tall making it perfect to use while traveling and easy to move with around the house. The contoured neck bends towards the user for more convenient hits. The 14 mm bowl holds enough dry herb to take you through your sessions. 

The flavor enhancing capabilities of the Famous Brandz Strawberry Water Pipe is designed to unlock the full flavor profile of your favorite dry herbs. Depending on what this device offers, it’s good for the price. 

Technical Specifications

- Weight: 1 lb.

- Height: 7.”

- Thickness: 5 mm

- Downstem Type: Stemless Inline Perc

- Joint Type: Female